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The plan of manipulating my daughter to give herself to me, suck and let me fuck every little hole of her, leads me to a tiny redhead child.

It’s been a week since I made love to my beautiful princess, and I still don’t know what to do to take things further without scaring her.
I’m walking with a constant hard-on, and the only thing that keeps me sane and keeps me from jumping her, are the cameras I installed in her room and bathroom. They were expensive, but they were worth it. The clarity is amazing, and there’s no way someone can find them, that’s how small they are.
I jerk off every time she showers, and every morning and evening when she changes her clothes.
I still fuck my wife, but I can’t get it up if I’m not thinking of Sophie.
But, I have another problem. I wonder if I’m now attracted to little girls, or if it’s just my daughter.
I saw her colleagues when I dropped or picked her up from school, but I can’t be sure because Sophie is there, too, and my cock gets hard anyway.
I bought myself a used laptop and phone, but I use them only when I’m not at home because, in case of anything, no one can trace all my research back to me.
And today, I decided to use it to see if I’m attracted to other little girls. I told my wife I’ll be staying at the office longer, when, in fact, I’m going to the outskirts of town, not very far from a trailer park.
In case someone tracks my research, they’ll think it’s some pedophile from this rundown place.
I park the car about one mile away from the trailer park between trees, then get out, leave my phone in the car and take the laptop with me.
I go a bit further until I find a broken log, then sit on it and go on the dark web and look for child porn.
The options are more than I can count, and most of them are Daddy-daughter-themed.
My dick gets hard instantly, but again, maybe it’s because the image of my daughter, unconscious and with cum and blood dripping out of her pussy, comes into my mind.
I click on a video with a huge guy and a tiny girl, who can’t be older than 10, and almost come on the spot.
The girl has brown hair and big brown eyes, she’s so small, that the guy’s cock is as big as her forearm.
She’s standing but only reaches his waist. It’s perfect for him to fuck her mouth.
The camera is focusing on her face now, and as she looks up at him, I can only think of one thing. Bambi. That’s how she looks. Like that sweet character.
“Come, baby. Give Daddy’s cock a tiny kiss.” The guy rasps, sounding as if he’s been smoking his whole life, but he doesn’t sound threatening.
The girl smiles from ear to ear as if happy that she finally got some attention, and with her tiny hands, grabs the huge cock, puckers her thin lips, and pecks the head, making a Muah sound, too.
Fuck, that’s so hot.
So maybe I am attracted to other little girls.
It is possible to become a pedophile overnight? I don’t think so. Or?
I must admit that the best fuck I ever had until my daughter, was when I was 15 and fucked an 11 years old girl, but I never really thought about that until recently.
My attention is stolen by the video, the ever so soft moaning sound the little girl does as she sucks her daddy’s cock, or well, what she can take in her tiny mouth.
I can’t take it anymore, so I put the laptop next to me, unzip my jeans and free my cock, then start jerking off while watching how the guy swaps the girl off her feet, lifts her until her pussy is at his mouth’s level, then starts eating her like a savage.
He’s clearly more muscular than me, but I think I could do that, too. I will do that. I will fucking die trying.
“Daddy… yes… oh…” The little girl moans and starts squirming, but the guy has a deadly grip on her, so she’s safe.
I jerk myself harder, but not hard enough to come because I want to see the end of this. I want to come together with the guy. I don’t know why. Maybe because this way I’ll feel the pleasure he feels from fucking his baby girl.
“Pee, baby girl. Pee in Daddy’s mouth.” Fuck, this is hot. Too hot.
The camera gets closer and I can see how he parts her little pussy lips with his tongue, then keeps it out, under her entrance, waiting for his daughter to piss in his mouth.
The view is orgasmic.
Her tiny pussy looks like it contracts, then relaxes, and seconds later, yellow pee flows from her gorgeous pink entrance into her daddy’s mouth, who’s drinking it hungrily.
I cum.
I cum hard, grunting and squeezing my throbbing dick faster, pointing it at a side so I wouldn’t soil my clothes. Although, if I’m being honest, I come so hard that even if I wouldn’t have done that, I still would have been safe. The cum sprayed so hard that it would have flown over my head.
The pleasure is high. Extremely high, but not as high as it was when I jerked off to my sleeping beauty.
I want to continue, but a noise stops me. I close the laptop fast, then tuck my dick back while looking around to see what the noise was and where it came from.
I can’t see anything, and for a second, I breathe out in relief, but then I hear it again.
Dry branches snapping. Someone is coming my way. I decide not to panic and just stay back down on the log. If they ask what I’m doing here, I’ll just tell them I wasn’t feeling okay and I needed some fresh air.
I hide the laptop under a bunch of dry leaves, then just sit.
The steps are coming closer and closer, and when I look, I almost choke.
It’s a little girl. Alone from what I can tell.
She’s dirty. Her blue dress is more black than blue and a bit small for her, so she’s either homeless or she’s been lost for quite some time.
She’s not looking up. She’s kicking leaves as she walks, looking at her little feet.
Her hair is a natural red and reaches her tiny waist, tied in two low ponytails, which are not very well made.
She’s about 3 ft 8. Maybe. Skinny, too. I would say she’s way younger than my daughter. Way.
Is this some kind of sign? But she must be with someone. The trailer park, which I guess it’s where she’s living, it’s about a mile away. But then again, she looks like no one is taking care of her, so I wouldn’t be shocked if no one knew where she is. Or cared.
She finally looks up and sweetly squeals, clearly taken by surprise and possibly frightened.
She looks like a doll, and I’m not exaggerating. A dirty doll, but a doll nonetheless.
Her dirty face, which also has dry trails of tears on it, is peppered with beautiful freckles, and her eyes are a bright hazel. Her tiny nose is the cutest thing ever, and her lips are reddish and a bit plump, or maybe swollen from the crying. Beautiful.
“Hey, it’s okay. I’m not gonna hurt you.” I say in a soft voice, smiling, as I see her taking small steps backward, and she stops. Not a good move, if you ask me. But she was probably never taught better.
“What are you doing so deep into the woods?” I ask in the same friendly tone, stretching my legs and putting my palms flat on the log, on either side of me, so I wouldn’t look threatening but relaxed.
She whispers something, but I can’t tell what. Maybe because my heart is racing as my mind is conjuring all kinds of plans on how to get her to trust me.
My dick is hard, so I’m convinced that I want to fuck her, -although she looks way younger than my Sophie-, there’s no doubt there, but I want to do it with her consent. To manipulate her just as I plan on manipulating my daughter, just that I don’t know how yet.
“What did you say? I didn’t hear you, doll.” Her thin reddish eyebrows furrow a bit in confusion.
“I’m not a doll.” Her voice is as small, soft, and fragile as her, but the way she said it as if I meant that figuratively and I truly think she’s a doll, makes me laugh.
“I know, darling. But you are as pretty as a doll.” Her lips turn into a tiny smile, her small cheeks get pink, and she starts to rock on her heels back and forth shyly.
Fuck, I’m gonna cum so hard.
“You t-think s-so?” She stutters innocently, and I smile brightly.
“I know so. So, what are you doing here? And alone?” I ask, looking around again but seeing nobody. Her smile vanishes and her lower lip starts trembling sweetly. I would so nibble on it. Or have it brush my cock.
Jesus! Fucking Christ!
I need to focus on talking and earning her trust because I’m not planning on going from here until I do something. Anything.
I won’t force her because I’m not into raping, hurting, and such, so I’ll take what I get, but I will get something.
“Mommy… she got high again… and… it’s better if I leave…” She stutters while doing her best not to cry, and I swear that I heard my heart cracking.
I feel sorry for her. I wish I could take her home and care for her because she’s truly a beauty.
“And your daddy?” I ask with a sympathetic look, and she sighs and shrugs her small shoulders.
“He left… a long time ago… but it’s okay because he used to hit me a lot…”
“Well, he’s stupid. If you were my daughter, I would never ever leave you and I would protect you with my life.” I say truthfully, and she smiles, but a sad smile.
“But you’re not… so…” I could be. Fuck, I want to be. My dick stirs again thinking of being her daddy, but I ignore it for now.
“Come, sit here.” I pat the place beside me, and she looks at me wearily.
“Doll, I have a daughter about your age. I would never hurt you.”
“You do? How old?” She asks as she takes small steps towards me, but stops right before me.
She’s even more beautiful up close. Her eyes are… wow.
“Twelve. How old are you?”
“Ten…” I’m not sure if she’s lying because, as I said, she looks very young, almost half the number she told me, but I don’t actually care.
“You’re a big girl, too. My daughter is blonde and a bit taller than you. And she’s a professional blackmailer.” I say with a chuckle, and she tilts her head sweetly, clearly confused.
This is my shot to slowly manipulate her, so I do.
“If I want something from her, I have to give her something in return. Mostly money. For example, a kiss costs 5 bucks.” I chuckle again, shaking my head as if I’m amused.
My daughter doesn’t blackmail me. Or, well, not all the time. She’s not asking money for kisses, though.
“And you give her?” She asks with a curious frown as if it’s hard to believe that parents give their children money.
“Of course. If not, I would never get kisses or hugs, and I love those.” I say with a smile.
“I don’t get hugs… or money… or kisses…” She trails off, looking upset while hugging her tiny frame.
“How about we play pretend and you get to be my daughter for a bit?” I ask as if trying to do her a favor, and she brightens up. Well, fuck, this is not as hard as I thought.
“Really? You’ll play with me?” She asks incredulously, and I nod.
“Of course. I play with my daughter all the time.” I remember the last time we played wrestling, just a few days ago, and I got to subtly feel her up. I had to go to the bathroom and jerk off. It took me under a minute to come like a fucking savage.
“Now, come here and give me a hug.” She takes a step, but I stop her.
“No. Now you’re supposed to say: ‘It’s gonna cost you five bucks, Daddy.’, and act smug. Put your hand on your hip like this.” I place her tiny hand on her hip, then wait for her to repeat what I told her to.
“It’s gonna cost you five bucks, Daddy.” She says in a soft voice, giggling at the end. I scoff and sigh heavily as if I’m exasperated, but take my wallet out and hand her five bucks.
She looks at the money, then at me, confused, as if asking me if she should take it.
“Take it. It’s yours. Well, if you give me a hug.” I smile as she slowly stretches her dirty tiny hand and grabs the bill between her dirty tiny fingers.
“Put them in your pocket.” I point at the front pocket the dress has, and she looks at me shocked as if expecting me to take them back, but when she sees I don’t, she smiles as if I gifted her the world, then stuffs them there.
“Thank you.” She says softly, and I part my legs wide and stretch my arms, telling her to come give me my hug.
Without hesitating, she launches her tiny body into my arms, and I almost come when I feel how frail she is.
Fuck, with her I could definitely keep her up while eating her pussy. And she’s even more beautiful than the girl in the porn.
Probably a virgin, too. Hopefully a virgin, too. But even if she’s not, I’ll still want her.
I keep her for a few more seconds, inhaling her scent, which is not so nice, but at the same time, it is, because it belongs to her. To a little girl.
I pull back before she panics, then cup her face between my hands, and my dick leaks when I see how small she looks in between my huge hands.
“You’re the best little girl in the world,” I say and kiss her forehead, then her button nose.
“And you’re the best Daddy.” Fuck, shit… I almost pull her back, this time in my lap, and rub myself on her, but I don’t.
Good things come to those who wait.
“Well, thank you. And, oh!” I get my wallet, pull out another five, and hand it to her.
“For the kiss.” She takes the money, stuffing it in her pocket again, then leans in and kisses my cheek.
Her lips are small but warm. They would feel heavenly on my big cock.
“Thank you.” I smile, trying not to show my urges, the desires that are boiling inside of me, begging to be released.
“Was that your stomach, doll?” I ask as I hear her stomach grumble, and she nods shyly.
Oh, this is golden.
“I still have my lunch in the car. If you want, you can have it.”
“Of course. I’m not hungry. Come.” I stand up, pointing at the car, but I can see that she’s still a bit afraid, so I crouch to her level, then talk in the softest tone I can muster.
“Doll, if I wanted to kidnap or hurt you, I would have done it by now. No one is around, and I could swap you up in one hand. If you don’t want to come, you don’t have to. I can bring it here, but it’s not as comfy as the car. Besides, there we can listen to music, too. And, just so you’d see I’m not trying to do anything, you can hold the key, and we’ll both sit in the backseat so you’d be sure I can’t drive away. How about that?” I hold the key to her, and she smiles and takes it, then walks next to me.
“You have to push that button to unlock it.” I point at the right button, and she pushes it and unlocks the car.
“Wait just a second so I can put the seats down so we have more space. I have long legs…” I sigh, looking at my legs, and she giggles.
Now that we’re standing face to face I see that her mouth is in front of my dick. If I’d wipe it out, she could suck me perfectly.
I don’t do that, though. I turn, ignoring my hard-on, then pull the seats in front, and let the ones in the back down, turning the back of the car into a bed.
Fuck, my dick is now throbbing. I’m gonna be with a tiny girl alone.
Not now. Later.
I get the phone and play Sophie’s favorite Playlist so it wouldn’t be so quiet in the car and get her to relax some more.
“I’ll get in first so you can see that I’m not gonna do anything,” I say as I get inside the big SUV with tinted windows, chuckling when she huffs sweetly because the car is too big for her to hike on her own.
“Come. I’ll help you.” I grab her from under her pitarms, pulling her inside, putting her on my lap until I close the door, but making sure she doesn’t feel my hard-on. Yet. I don’t think she knows about stuff like that, but I don’t want to risk it.
“WOW!” She exclaims as she looks around, impressed by my new car.
While she looks everywhere, I take the lunch my wife prepared, not a big deal, just a few sandwiches, and give one to her together with an apple juice box my daughter left in the car. I’m gonna reward her for being so forgetful.
“Wow, this is so good!” She exclaims with her mouth full, making me laugh.
“I’m happy you like it.”
“Take it easy, doll. You don’t want to choke, now, do you?” On my cock, yes, but not with a damn sandwich.
She blushes and starts eating slower, sipping from the juice box after every bite.
She’s making small, soft sounds that make me hornier, driving me and my cock insane.
Fuck, when did I turn out to be such a pervert? But, fuck. The excitement of this forbidden desire, a forbidden little girl in my car, gives me a thrill like I only felt with Sophie.
After she drinks her last sip, she lets herself fall on the back, splaying herself on the bed of the car with her little hands over her head.
Fuck, she’s hot.
“Full?” I ask with a chuckle, a bit strangled because my dick is rock hard, and she sighs and nods.
“Yep.” Her tummy is like a small balloon now that she ate, and that makes her look even sexier.
“You sure are dirty…” I trail off as I look at her dirty feet then up her body, barely keeping my hands from reaching her.
“Sorry…” She whispers embarrassed, but I chuckle and wave my hand.
“It’s okay. Sophie, my other daughter, hates washing herself, too. I have to pay her 20 bucks to let me wash her.”
“You wash her?” She asks shocked, and I nod.
“A good father takes care of his daughters. Feeds them, cleans them up, making sure that they’re clean everywhere because if I let her do it alone, she just sprays some water on her and that’s it. And at the end, she’s still dirty.” I shake my head in disapproval, and she smiles. But it’s a smile that says that she wishes that she would have a dad like me, too.
And she will. At least for today, I will give her the dad she deserves.
“Okay. I can’t stand it anymore. You’re really dirty, and as your daddy, I need to clean you up.” I get my wallet, take a 20 and hold it for her to take it and allow me to clean her.
“But we don’t have water.” So that’s why she stood up and looked confused.
“That’s okay. I have wet baby wipes. Sophia loves the smell.” I love the smell too. It smells innocent. They are scented with a baby powder fragrance.
I reach for the bag where Sophia has an emergency kit, as she calls it, and take the Johnson’s Baby wipes, showing them to her, then take one out and give it to her to smell.
“It really smells nice.” She says as she sniffs it again, and I smile for multiple reasons.
First is that I’m really happy she’s happy, but then there are other reasons that belong to my dick and dirty mind.
“So? Do you want Daddy to clean you up?” I try to sound nonchalant as if I wouldn’t care if she said no, but at the same time, I hand her the money again.
“You don’t have to pay me…” She’s too sweet for my heart.
“I want to. My little girls are spoiled. And I want to spoil you. You can buy yourself a new dress or something.” She looks at the money guiltily, but I don’t give her a chance to refuse and stuff the twenty in her pocket.
“We’ll start with your little feet,” I say as I take her too-small sandals off her dirty feet.
“These are very small.” She shrugs her shoulders, blushing.
“How about we meet again tomorrow and I bring you some clothes and some shoes?” This slipped out. I didn’t think before I said it, but now that I did, I think it would be a good idea.
I’d like to take it slow. Get to manipulate her little by little. Maybe even make her believe she falls in love with me. Yes. I will do that.
“Really?” She beams, smiling so brightly that she almost blinded me.
Fuck, she’s beautiful.
“Yes. Really. But you can’t tell anyone.”
“Why?” She tilts her head sweetly, and I sigh.
“Well, if your mother would find out maybe she’d try to hurt me to steal from me and use the money I want to buy you things on drugs. Or she can tell her friends and they would steal from me and maybe even beat or kill me.” I frighten her, and she starts shaking her head vehemently.
“I won’t tell. To no one. I promise.” She says fast, making me smile.
“Good. And if they ask where you have them from, you can tell that you met a woman and she gave you the clothes that got too small for her daughter. Tell them her name is Sophie. Okay?” I don’t want her to tell someone a man gave her anything because everyone knows that a man’s intentions wouldn’t be innocent.
“Okay. I promise.” She smiles, and I nod, then take her other sandal off, too, and take her right leg and start cleaning her tiny, very tiny, toes.
“It tickles.” She giggles, fighting not to pull her leg, making me chuckle, but again, it’s forced.
All I can think of it’s how good these tiny feet would feel on my dick, rubbing it up and down, cumming on them then licking the cum—fuck.
To make this more fun, when I’m almost done with her left foot, I tickle her on purpose, making her giggle like crazy, squirming so fucking beautifully that I almost cum.
My cock hurts.
“S-S-STOP!” Even her screams are soft, but that’s not what froze me.
“Fuck.” I cuss under my breath as she lifts her right leg up, causing her dress to ride high and show me her pink pussy.
She’s not wearing any panties.
Jesus Fuck!
Thankfully, she’s too busy trying to stop giggling and wiping her tears of laughter to see that I’m shaking.
She left her feet down now, obscuring my vision, but the image is there. My cock knows there’s a young, uncovered pussy, inches away from my reach.
I take advantage of the fact that she’s still recovering and palm my dick quickly, giving it a bit of pressure, trying to alleviate the pain, and fuck, I almost cum in my pants.
“You’re a bad Daddy.” Oh, fuck! Jesus, please give me strength! I don’t want to force her. No. I’d hate myself and I wouldn’t enjoy the memories. And also, she wouldn’t come back tomorrow, and I need more of her.
“Are you sure you want to anger the tickle monster?” I ask with a smile, wiggling my fingers, and she gasps and shakes her head.
“No. No. You’re the best Daddy!” She screams when she sees I’m not stopping and aiming for her feet, but I stop before she gets to squirm again because I will lose it.
“Fine. I’ll forgive you this one time.” I even squint my eyes at her playfully, and she giggles.
“Now we’ll clean your legs.” I take a clean wipe and gently start wiping her left leg until her knee, making sure to brush my fingers on her skin, too.
She has no trace of hair. Her skin is so soft that I could brush it forever.
My dick twitches every time my hand reaches the hem of her dress, knowing what hides beneath the dirty material, but I stand strong and don’t go further.
I need her permission.
I make her stand straight and take her hands next, wondering if she’d be able to hold my dick with her tiny fingers. Shit, they would look sinful wrapped around me.
I finish with her arms, too, then sigh heavily.
“I don’t want you to think that I want to hurt you because I don’t. I’d rather kill myself than hurt you on purpose. But… if you want, and only if you trust me, we’ll have to take your dress off to reach your pit arms and the rest of your body. But only if you trust me. And you don’t have to be embarrassed. I told you, I clean Sophie as well, so there’s nothing I didn’t already see. I washed her kitty so many times that I could draw it from memory.” I say with a chuckle and roll my eyes, trying to make her feel more relaxed and comfortable, and Holy fuck, I think it works.
Oh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
I smile, thanking her for trusting me, although she shouldn’t have, then make her kneel on the seat and slowly pull her dress over her head, revealing her tight, soft, tiny body.
When the dress is over her head, I press my palm against my dick again, biting my lip not to groan, rub it a few times, then continue undressing her, throwing the dress on the floor.
“Wait. I forgot. How about I brush your hair and tie it in two beautiful ponytails?” I want her to her as comfortable with me naked as possible.
“Okay.” I smile, gently grabbing her impossibly tiny waist, then turn her with her back at me because I can’t take much more of her front without reaching for that sweet pussy.
She sits on her heels, so her ass is pushing out a bit. It’s small. I can easily cup it with one hand. Easily. And she has two small dimples over every ass cheek.
So fucking hot.
I pull myself out of the trance and get the emergency kit, take the brush out, make a mental note to clean it of any hair after I’m done, then take her ties off and gently, start brushing her hair.
I hold the upper part as I brush the down part, making sure not to pull too hard because I don’t want this little girl to feel any kind of pain with me.
Okay, she will when I’ll fuck her tiny pussy, but I’ll make sure she won’t feel much pain and give her more pleasure than she can handle once that pain is gone.
After I brush her dirty but beautiful hair, I brush it over her shoulder and clean her back with wipes, chuckling when she yelps because it’s cold.
“Let me turn the heat on,” I say, but she looks at me over her shoulder with her big hazel eyes and shakes her head.
“No. It was just a bit chilly at the start. I’m okay now.” Good, because I’m hot as it is.
I’m sweating. I feel the droplets of sweat on my spine, pooling on my brow, almost as much as my dick leaks precum in my pants.
Jesus, fuck!
It takes all my willpower not to slip my finger between her asscheeks and probe the hole. All my fucking willpower.
“I’ll have to clean your ass, too. Is that okay with you, doll?” I add that because I saw she loves it when I call her that, and she looks over her shoulder with a big smile.
“Yes, Daddy.” Fucking Hell. I’m torturing myself. But it’s the best kind of torture. Shit. I’ll come so hard that I’ll die. I’m sure.
“Can you lean forward to have access to your little behind, sweety?” I ask through gritted teeth, trying to control myself, and she nods and leans forward, putting her hands flat on the seat.
She’s now standing almost on all fours. The position it’s not quite that, but it’s even more hot because it’s innocent. She has no idea what she’s doing. She has no clue that behind her sits a pervert who’s drooling and putting pressure on his cock. A sick deviant who wants to fuck her more than he wants to live.
I take a new wipe, then slowly, I start cleaning her small asscheeks, brushing them with my fingers, too.
I can hold her by her hip with two fucking fingers if I want to. She’s so small that I wouldn’t need more than a hand to do whatever I want with her.
But… no.
I’m taking my sweet time.
I finally get to slip the wipe in between her small asscheeks, wiping her gently, then take another one, cupping her left asscheek in my hand, well, half a hand, then pull on it to see her hole.
So small, so pink, so gorgeous.
“Are you okay, doll?” I ask when I see that she froze a bit.
“Yeah.” Her voice is small and hesitant, and I don’t like it. I want her to want this. I want her to trust me. To give herself to me willingly. Well, as willingly as manipulating can get.
So, I pull her by her shoulders until she’s kneeling again, then she looks at me over her shoulder.
“Sweety, if you don’t feel comfortable, I can always stop. But we’re almost ready. But, as I said, I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable. We just met, but I feel a connection with you. It’s like you’re really my daughter. If I had auburn hair, I wouldn’t doubt it for a second.” I say in a soft voice, smiling, then raising my hands to show her that it’s her choice.
“I want you to trust me that I won’t hurt you, doll. I would never. You’re too pretty and precious to be hurt.” I bump her button nose, which is peppered with sexy freckles, and she giggles and beams, then gets back in the initial position.
“Thank you for trusting me, sweety,” I say as I, again, cup her asscheek, uncovering her tiny hole, and this time, she leans more than last time and I can see a bit of her pussy, too.
Oh, Jesus!
I don’t think I would fit.
Fuck it! I’ll make it fit!
I wipe slowly, again and again, brushing her pussy hole ever so softly and subtly, accidentally, all while trying my very fucking best not to wipe my dick out and rip this precious girl apart.
“I’ll push just a bit to clean the rim, too. Okay?” I want to feel her entrance better. I want to—fuck.
“Yes.” She trusts me. Fuck, kids are easy to manipulate. Especially neglected ones.
I wrap a wipe around my index and push a bit against her tiny asshole, but it’s too big. I forget about the wipe and use my pinky finger, and this one slips just a tiny bit in, but enough to make me leak or cum, I’m not sure which one, but the wave of ecstasy that hit me left me breathless.
“Okay. It looks clean. Let’s see if it smells clean, too.” I say, and before she gets to say anything, I lean in and sniff her ass.
She smells like Heaven. Baby powder and a bit of pee as I didn’t clean her pussy yet.
Without my permission, my tongue darts out and I lick her hole, making her jump a bit.
“The first test is visual, as in to see if you’re clean, then the smell, and then the taste. You see, you can smell good but you can still be dirty.” She looks at me over her shoulder with a grimace.
“But it’s my butt. It’s disgusting.”
“No, it’s not. For a father, nothing is disgusting to his daughter. Nothing. A good father would drink his daughter’s pee if he’d have to and it wouldn’t be disgusting. When you care about someone, when you like someone very much or love, you don’t care about anything. You don’t find them disgusting. Maybe weird the first time, but not disgusting.” She seems to think about what I said, and she likes it because she’s smiling and blushing.
“And you care about me?” She asks hopefully, and I nod, very distracted by the position, but…
“Yes, I do. I told you I feel some connection with you and I love seeing you smile and laugh. I love making you happy.” I say this so she wouldn’t feel disgusted when she’ll see my dick, touch it, suck it, take it in her tight holes, and also want it. To want to make me happy.
“Now, let’s clean your front, and your kitty,” I say before I’m tempted to eat her ass again, and this time not stop, and grab her hips and flip her on her back, making her yelp, then laugh.
Jesus fucking Christ!
She’s… fuck.
“I don’t have a kitty…” She says with a frown, and I smile because she’s sweet, but mostly because she’s so fucking innocent that it’ll be a piece of cake to make her do whatever the fuck I want.
“Your privates, doll. My daughter calls it kitty.” Her small lips turn into a small, sweet, O, then nods.
There is no trace of boobies and her nipples are two pink dots. Small dots, but fuck, do I want to suck on them…
Her tummy is still a bit swollen from the food and juice, and her legs are stretched, but slightly apart, giving me a sensual view.
Her small pussy.
I really wouldn’t say she’s 10. She looks so much younger… even her pussy. I can’t see her clit. It’s hidden between her two, tiny, pussy lips.
A baby pussy.
I remember what I was doing, or supposed to do, and take the wipes and start wiping her small neck, which I could snap with two fingers, that’s how frail and slender it is. Then her collar bones, getting harder and harder the closer I get to her flat chest.
I don’t want to hurry. I love this torture. I love the anticipation, and I love that she’s awake.
I look into her eyes from time to time just to see her look back at me with that innocent trust, smiling so fucking beautifully that it hurts my cock.
I rub her tiny nipples with the wipe but also my fingers until they get hard and her aureola wrinkles ever so softly.
It’s fucking erotic. It’s more than I can describe.
I force myself to go down to her tummy, and once again, she giggles and squirms.
“Ticklish?” I ask with a fake evil glint, and her hazel eyes go wide as she covers her tummy with her hands as if she could protect herself from me.
Fuck, little doll, I could break you in a second if I’d want to.
“Nope!” She pops the P, squealing when she sees me lean down.
I take her hands and keep them at her side, then start kissing her tummy, blowing raspberries and making her giggle like crazy, but at the same time going a bit up her chest until I reach her nipple and flick it, then go back down to her tummy.
She feels so fucking soft that my tongue feels rough in comparison.
I want to rub my cock all over her. To cum on her pale skin. Cover her in my juices– fuck!
“S-S-Stop! DADDY!” Fuck, this is my biggest torture. Hearing her high-pitched voice screaming for me, is unearthly.
I’m so fucking hard that I think I just came a bit. I must have because there’s no way I could leak that much and my balls to draw so suddenly to my body.
“Fineee. Fine. I’ll let you be. For now…” I trail off with a chuckle, forced one, and she sighs, still giggling. Fucking Hell.
I hurry up to get to her pussy. I need to see it better. Smell it. Taste it.
I part her legs, and to my surprise, she’s a bit wet. Was it because of the rubbing? Licking her nipples? Did she feel aroused? Does she know what that means?
Fuck! That makes me even hotter.
Her pussy, in one word, could be described as exotic. Her clit is hidden all the way down, and I can’t see her entrance.
Slowly, gently, I take a wipe and start wiping her warm pussy. Keeping a concentrated look on my face and not letting her see the thoughts that are plaguing my mind, I part her pussy lips with two fingers, almost covering her pussy, and with my other hand, I start wiping her.
She squirms, moving her little hips, frowning as if something she doesn’t understand is happening, but I don’t say anything. I won’t until she does.
I concentrate on her small clit, rubbing it up and down, then in circles, and she gasps, moaning a soft moan.
“It feels funny…” She whispers as if talking to herself, but looks at me with a confused frown.
“Good funny or bad funny?” I ask, tilting my head and trying to look as confused as her.
“I don’t know… it’s just funny… like tickles.” I smile a reassuring smile, not stopping wiping her.
“That’s good. That means your kitty is not broken.” She frowns harder, squirming more, pushing her hips against my hand without even noticing.
“What do you mean? There are broken kitties?” She asks breathlessly, pulling away as if the feeling is getting too scary, and I let her. I don’t want to scare her away.
“Yes, of course. There are kitties that don’t tingle, and that’s bad. And then there are kitties that tingle, but just a bit. Those aren’t broken, but they aren’t healthy either. But there are kitties that tingle very hard. If you touch them long enough, it makes you feel very good. It’s like an explosion of tingles, and it feels amazing. It might be scary at first, but then you want it to tingle all the time.” My dick twitches as I see her relax, looking down between her small legs, at her pink kitty.
“And how is my kitty? Is it broken?” She asks, worry written all over her face, and I fake a heavy sigh and shrug my shoulders.
“I don’t know. I know how to check it, but only if you feel comfortable. If you—”
“Check it!” She exclaims, afraid that her kitty might be broken, and I bite my inner cheek so I won’t smile.
Fuck, I’m good.
My dick begs me to take it out and fuck her, but I love this too much. The manipulation makes me feel powerful, good, and so aroused that it’s better than an orgasm.
“Okay, then. Let’s check your small kitty.” I say as I pull her by her thighs, which I can almost encircle with my hands, then part her pussy lips with two fingers, exposing her tiny clit, and with my right thumb, I start stroking it gently, sliding it up and down, taking wetness from her tiny entrance, then circle her clit, watching her moan and squirm some more.
“It feels—”
“It’s okay, little girl. It’s normal to tingle. It’s good. Just let go, baby girl. Trust me and relax. I won’t ever hurt you… never.” I assure her while putting some pressure on her clit, making her gasp and buck her hips, moan, and look at me with so much innocence that I come a little in my pants.
It’s impossible not to.
I have a little girl who looks almost half her age spread open, willing to do whatever I say, trust me when she really shouldn’t.
I want to go and thank her absent parents for this.
Fuck. She’s on the edge. Her face is flushed and so is her flat chest, which arches the faster I rub her tiny kitty.
She’ll gonna come on my hand. I’ll be the first man to ever see her like this. The first one. Fuck, it feels good. Empowering. I feel like I’m on top of the world, and so is my dick.
“Yes, baby doll. Come. Let go. Come on Daddy’s fingers.” I command, and she frowns, not knowing what coming is, but she listens still.
“OH!” She screams as her body arches, squeezing my hand between her legs, closing her eyes shut, and furrowing her thin eyebrows, exploding in front of me.
I take advantage of her closed eyes and take the hand that was keeping her pussy lips apart and rub as hard as I can, painfully fast, my dick through my jeans.
I come. Fuck. I came so hard that my breath stopped and the animalistic groan I released was soundless.
I can’t fucking breathe, that’s how hard I came. The pleasure is immeasurably high and painful.
And it doesn’t end. It keeps going, filling my tight boxers with so much cum that I feel it bulging. I feel it wetting my pelvis. Drowning it in cum.
Now I just have to get her to let me lick her. Suck me. Fuck her in every tiny hole.
Meanwhile, I’ll find a way to do the same with my daughter. I’ll find a way to manipulate her into giving herself to me. Suck my dick, gag on it, then ask for more.
How did I end up here it’s beyond me, but I fucking love it. Besides, I’m not hurting anyone. I don’t force them. I actually give them pleasure how no boy their age would. I make sure that they love every moment.
I love them.

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