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Wrong Semester In Uganda 8 Sex Stories for free – Y2Stories

Bridget, a leftist student, gets her world toppled upside down as she gets deflowered repeatedly. As soon as Mr. Mbabazi had unlocked the front door, the dorm’s large living room had been brutally invaded by a horde of lust-crazed soldiers whose black faces were alight with grinning teeth as they quickly submitted and tied up […]

Isabela and courtney’s prom night with johannas and ted goes as planned except for isabela Sex Stories for free 2024 – Y2 Stories

Britney plays the sexy hot Isabela as she gets her sexy pouty ass fucked unexpectedly by Ted . My name is Isabela and I’m Courtney’s best friend , and I’m also Spanish and our prom is tonight so I’m waiting for Teddy to pick me up . He plays on our high school football team […]

Mother and son addicted to black spunk Sex Story for free 2024 – Y2Stories

My mother/sister tells me how she became addicted to black spunk, and in so doing I realised why I was also a black spunk whore. I was puzzled by my mother. I knew she only ever had sex with whatever black guy she could pick up. I was white, so she must’ve had sex with […]

Britney bred by her old bbc neighbor while her boyfriend is away Sex Stories Cool – Y2 Stories

John has been wanting to date me for quite a while, and I played hard to get with him by wearing very sexy short dresses and skirts, with mostly back seamed stockings and my classic Louboutin 5 inch stiletto’s . He works at a construction sight as a supervisor ,so I would show up at […]

Bbc pollinates both bikini wearing courtney and britney at britney’s pool side Sex stories – Y2Stories.Com

Courtney and Britney both got blacked pool side and are now in big trouble . my name is Britney and I’m 5’2 inches tall and weigh 118 pounds and I have long black hair with 32-DD tits and my figure is well proportioned and some guys have told me that I have great child bearing […]

The old Pussy-Part-III (Sharing of Husband’s cock) hot sex erotica stories – Y2 Stories

Continuing from my previous story John has married Honey and they are fucking daily but Honey understood that the bull of Nigeria wants more pussy beside her and Honey was not in a position to share her husband John’s cock with young maid Emma, so honey made a plan. What is the plan?On Friday evening […]

Wrong Semester In Uganda 6 Sex erotica stories – Y2-Stories

Jenny’s Broken Tennis Dream And Sungh’s Deflowering Jenny’s life changed forever in three minutes. One moment she was the quiet, nerdy and worry-free girl whose dainty hands formed “GANGBANG” on that Scrabble board, the next she was grabbed by Ugandan soldiers in camouflage fatigues who utterly overpowered her and pinned her on the floor, near […]

Like Mother Like Daughter Sex Stories 2024 – Y2-Stories

Ken meets an asian woman who loves to fuck at the drop of a hat, and she has a daughter who shares her mother’s desires. Ken is a 50 year old man who used to be in the military and recently retired. This meant that he was still in amazing shape and he also had […]