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Why The Smell Of Bleach/Chlorine Reminds Me Of Naked Women!

From the age of three to nine years old, my mother would sometimes take I or I and my sisters to the local rec center for swimming!
Now being as young as I was, my mother didn’t want me ending up on the six o clock news because I had been kidnapped/raped/molested and so the logical thing for her to do was to take me into the women’s locker room where she could keep a close eye on me.
Well let me tell you to this day, at thirty three years old, I have NEVER SEEN SO MANY NAKED WOMEN AND GIRLS IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!
All those mid to late thirty and forty mom bods with the large boobs and butt tiredly marching around as they showered and tried to get their children cleaned so they could either put on their bathing suits or take them off to change into their regular clothes and I was in the very middle of it as my mom tried to do the same thing with my sisters and I!
Anyway aside from the quick friendly smile some of those strange naked women flashed me they really paid me no mind even as I gawked at them for what seemed like the entire time I was in that locker room.
The little girls in the locker room would gawk at me back but I usually paid them no mind, more interested in the older women and their big fat round full plump smooth soft fleshy lush BOOBIES!
As for the title of this story, a constant thing that was as certain as me seeing a bunch of naked women in that locker room was the smell of chlorine and/or bleach!
We went to that rec center so damn much for swimming that I began to associate that smell with the sight of naked women!
Eventually just before I started going through puberty my parents divorced and we moved from that area where we could easily access that rec center and so alas we never went swimming there ever again, but I still have all those memories of those naked girls and women in that locker room and sometimes my mind wonders and fantasizes about what if I had the knowledge of sex I did back then. Would things have been different? Probably not, but oh well.

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