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Just a Married Aussie slut who can’t say no Sex erotica stories – Y2Stories

I’m Emma a Married Slut and Mother of two lovely Daughters aged 13 and 15 and I’am 46, and live abut a two hour drive out of Brisbane Australia on a hobby farm. My maiden name was Funk so I got a lot of slack at school by the boys, l read a lot of […]

Mums dirty mistake part 1 hot sex erotica stories – Y2 Stories

One Friday night, I was down stairs with my husband , our 12 year old daughter was in her bedroom. Lets say my daughters name is belle. Me and the husband was watching a film while snuggled on the sofa, we must of fell asleep because our daughter woke us up asking for dinner, belle […]

Daddy’s sleeping beauty part 3 hot sex erotica stories – Y2Stories.Com

The plan of manipulating my daughter to give herself to me, suck and let me fuck every little hole of her, leads me to a tiny redhead child. It’s been a week since I made love to my beautiful princess, and I still don’t know what to do to take things further without scaring her.I’m […]

My half sister and I part 5 Sex Story for free 2024 – Y2Stories

This is half fiction half reality of me molesting my 8yo sister when I was 14. We didn’t fuck, but I did molest and did oral with her. I’m picking straight up from where part 4 left off, so please read the previous chapters first if you haven’t already After my mom stumbled to bed, […]

Some elementary school teachers are unbelievably kinky!! Sex Story for free 2024 – Y2Stories.Com

I’ve been dating an elementary schoolteacher for two weeks. She has a daughter who just turned 10. All of my fantasies came true this night!! Rachel has been teaching second grade for about 10 years. I’ve been dating her for 3 weeks. We met at the gym started working out together, and the rest is […]

Three In A Bed Part 3: Consummation Sex Stories Cool – Y2-Stories

An eleven year-old girl, her mother and me: all naked in bed together. This is the climax of our story, where all the rules are broken big-time…. Having joyfully fucked her mother while her mother cuddled Annette, things were moving fast now: hotting up. The weather was still hot too, which helped. A couple of […]

A Decent Proposition hot sex erotica stories – Y2Stories.Com

When a woman can’t get pregnant with her husband, she turns to her father in law. Belinda is a 26 year old beautiful woman who is married to Carl who is 27 years old. Belinda has been trying to get pregnant for the past two years. They have been to several doctors and she is […]