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Just a Married Aussie slut who can’t say no Sex erotica stories – Y2Stories

I’m Emma a Married Slut and Mother of two lovely Daughters aged 13 and 15 and I’am 46, and live abut a two hour drive out of Brisbane Australia on a hobby farm. My maiden name was Funk so I got a lot of slack at school by the boys, l read a lot of […]

Is her daughter watching me? Part 5 hot sex erotica stories – Y2 Stories

Why is it hard? How do I answer that?Maybe it’s because I’ve just watched you orgasm on Turbo tongue….. As far as Sammie is concerned I’ve just run from my room because I had her shouting at the dog, she is not aware that I was watching her getting licked by Turbo in her sleep […]

Britney bred by her old bbc neighbor while her boyfriend is away Sex Stories Cool – Y2 Stories

John has been wanting to date me for quite a while, and I played hard to get with him by wearing very sexy short dresses and skirts, with mostly back seamed stockings and my classic Louboutin 5 inch stiletto’s . He works at a construction sight as a supervisor ,so I would show up at […]

The dominatrix takes full possession of her guy Sex Story for free – Y2-Stories

I was sick and tired of my boyfriend John always telling me what to do and show his so-called dominance over me, especially when he has his friends over. He also makes me wear a French maid outfit when he has his Saturdaynight card games with his drinking buddies, and as I serve them their […]

camping with maggie WILLOW quick Sex Stories for free 2024 – Y2Stories.Com

Maggie and I decided to go camping which got interesting to say the least. This was to be our first real camping trip, by ourselves that is. We arrived at the park early Friday morning. So we could take our time and find a perfect spot. It was a private owned place with minimal rules. […]