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Just a Married Aussie slut who can’t say no Sex erotica stories – Y2Stories

I’m Emma a Married Slut and Mother of two lovely Daughters aged 13 and 15 and I’am 46, and live abut a two hour drive out of Brisbane Australia on a hobby farm. My maiden name was Funk so I got a lot of slack at school by the boys, l read a lot of […]

Dons mistake turns to fun part three hot sex erotica stories – Y2Stories

Amber the new slut wife is used and abused by five men, while husband watches Amber stood at the top of the stairs, the noise from downstairs sounded loud and excited. She new what was going to happen, only that morning she had signed a contract, a contract originated by her husband Don and her […]

Sex Exam Sex Stories for free – Y2Stories.Com

A family prepares their daughter for her final sexual endurance test. A loose counterpart to the “After School Activities” and “To Middle School”. I walked from the bathroom into the child’s room. Mia was still in her bed, rubbing her eyes and stretching sleepily. Her tiny but perfectly developed pussy and anus were still slightly […]

Summer Job Sex Stories free 2024 – Y2Stories.Com

A sex adventure story. Two teenage girls apply for a summer job in a warehouse. Then everything goes overboard. “Here!” Jay said, pointing his finger at the screen. “It’s almost ideal, couldn’t be better!” They sat at Jay’s for the last hour, browsing through the list of summer jobs, looking for something that would suit […]

camping with maggie WILLOW quick Sex Stories for free 2024 – Y2Stories.Com

Maggie and I decided to go camping which got interesting to say the least. This was to be our first real camping trip, by ourselves that is. We arrived at the park early Friday morning. So we could take our time and find a perfect spot. It was a private owned place with minimal rules. […]