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Just a Married Aussie slut who can’t say no Sex erotica stories – Y2Stories

I’m Emma a Married Slut and Mother of two lovely Daughters aged 13 and 15 [...]

Mums dirty mistake part 1 hot sex erotica stories – Y2 Stories

One Friday night, I was down stairs with my husband , our 12 year old [...]

The Smell Of Bleach/Chlorine Sex Story for free – Y2-Stories

Why The Smell Of Bleach/Chlorine Reminds Me Of Naked Women! From the age of three [...]

Daddy’s sleeping beauty part 3 hot sex erotica stories – Y2Stories.Com

The plan of manipulating my daughter to give herself to me, suck and let me [...]

Smoking can be fun part 2 Sex Stories for free 2024 – Y2-Stories

Meeting the girls for a smoke and a kiss The next day I finish work [...]

My half sister and I part 5 Sex Story for free 2024 – Y2Stories

This is half fiction half reality of me molesting my 8yo sister when I was [...]

1Welcome to your new Webdock server. Sex Story for free – Y2-Stories

Thank You for your encouraging messages, let’s continue with the next part. Please read the [...]

Some elementary school teachers are unbelievably kinky!! Sex Story for free 2024 – Y2Stories.Com

I’ve been dating an elementary schoolteacher for two weeks. She has a daughter who just [...]

What was I thinking, This little girl made me lose control Sex Stories for free 2024 – Y2 Stories

I was resting out back with a glass of tea and soaking my feet in [...]

Three In A Bed Part 3: Consummation Sex Stories Cool – Y2-Stories

An eleven year-old girl, her mother and me: all naked in bed together. This is [...]

New girl in town knows how to make friends Sex Story for free – Y2Stories

It was on the mid-seventies and I was in my early teens when a new [...]

Adopted asian girl pt 2 Sex Stories for free – Y2 Stories

Later that day after I showered my dad smiled and sai he wanted me in [...]

Wrong Semester In Uganda 8 Sex Stories for free – Y2Stories

Bridget, a leftist student, gets her world toppled upside down as she gets deflowered repeatedly. [...]

A Decent Proposition hot sex erotica stories – Y2Stories.Com

When a woman can’t get pregnant with her husband, she turns to her father in [...]

Cousin J finds a dumpster to take our fun to the next level Sex Stories Cool – Y2Stories.Com

Dumpster diving takes a sexual turn and a long drive home turns into one last [...]

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