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My half sister and I part 5 Sex Story for free 2024 – Y2Stories

This is half fiction half reality of me molesting my 8yo sister when I was 14. We didn’t fuck, but I did molest and did oral with her. I’m picking straight up from where part 4 left off, so please read the previous chapters first if you haven’t already After my mom stumbled to bed, […]

A Decent Proposition hot sex erotica stories – Y2Stories.Com

When a woman can’t get pregnant with her husband, she turns to her father in law. Belinda is a 26 year old beautiful woman who is married to Carl who is 27 years old. Belinda has been trying to get pregnant for the past two years. They have been to several doctors and she is […]

Isabela and courtney’s prom night with johannas and ted goes as planned except for isabela Sex Stories for free 2024 – Y2 Stories

Britney plays the sexy hot Isabela as she gets her sexy pouty ass fucked unexpectedly by Ted . My name is Isabela and I’m Courtney’s best friend , and I’m also Spanish and our prom is tonight so I’m waiting for Teddy to pick me up . He plays on our high school football team […]

A trip leads to a backseat romp with my stepsister part two Sex Stories 2024 – Y2Stories

With the exception of banging my stepsister during the car ride, I strike out with every girl on the beach, when someone unexpected helps. The next day Sarah and I walked down to the beach together to body surf and check out the girls and guys. As we walked, I asked her what was yesterday […]

psych nurses raped me – part2 Sex Stories free 2024 – Y2-Stories

I knew it was going on to others, then it was my turn. First female nurses, one broke my hymen with her strapon. Then it was male nurses About two weeks after the Butch Dyke nurse broke my hymen with a strapon dildo, the original rapist a 50s nurse holding me down, I had to […]

Lea gets a new Daddy Part 2 Sex erotica stories – Y2Stories.Com

Backed by popular demand. Part two has arrived! Short but very Sweet! Enjoy A whole year had passed since that beautiful night with Lea and Angie’s father. They had of course gone through tremendous effort to keep their relationship a secret. But the amount of time that Lea was spending over at Angie’s seemed to […]

Mother and son addicted to black spunk Sex Story for free 2024 – Y2Stories

My mother/sister tells me how she became addicted to black spunk, and in so doing I realised why I was also a black spunk whore. I was puzzled by my mother. I knew she only ever had sex with whatever black guy she could pick up. I was white, so she must’ve had sex with […]

Britney bred by her old bbc neighbor while her boyfriend is away Sex Stories Cool – Y2 Stories

John has been wanting to date me for quite a while, and I played hard to get with him by wearing very sexy short dresses and skirts, with mostly back seamed stockings and my classic Louboutin 5 inch stiletto’s . He works at a construction sight as a supervisor ,so I would show up at […]

The dominatrix takes full possession of her guy Sex Story for free – Y2-Stories

I was sick and tired of my boyfriend John always telling me what to do and show his so-called dominance over me, especially when he has his friends over. He also makes me wear a French maid outfit when he has his Saturdaynight card games with his drinking buddies, and as I serve them their […]

Bbc pollinates both bikini wearing courtney and britney at britney’s pool side Sex stories – Y2Stories.Com

Courtney and Britney both got blacked pool side and are now in big trouble . my name is Britney and I’m 5’2 inches tall and weigh 118 pounds and I have long black hair with 32-DD tits and my figure is well proportioned and some guys have told me that I have great child bearing […]