Mums dirty mistake part 1 hot sex erotica stories – Y2 Stories

One Friday night, I was down stairs with my husband , our 12 year old daughter was in her bedroom. Lets say my daughters name is belle. Me and the husband was watching a film while snuggled on the sofa, we must of fell asleep because our daughter woke us up asking for dinner, belle was wearing just her nightie which barley covered her bum, so I got up and went to the kitchen to start dinner, while dinner was on I decided to do some drinks, I made 3 lemonades, and put a sleeping tablet in my husbands as he needs it to sleep, as he has trouble sleeping.
I turned away to check dinner and then took in the drinks to my husband and belle, I put then down on the coffee table, and woke up my husband and told him, dinner will be ready soon and to his drink is ready. Belle went over to the tv and bent over to pick up a DVD and I noticed she wasn’t wearing any underwear but thought nothing off it, as it wasn’t the first time, then I looked at my husband and he was staring at her bum which his hand on his crotch area and a semi hard on, I whispered in his ear and called him a dirty pervert that’s your daughter and walked back in the kitchen.
I was in the kitchen and I just finished dishing up the dinner, when I went into the utility room as that’s where we kept all the sauces, as I was picking out the sauces I noticed my daughters panties in the laundry pile, so I had a crazy idea, I grabbed her panties and put them in my pocket, and carried on doing dinner. I called out for my husband and belle to come to the table, belle came first and sat down and started eating, then my husband followed still with a semi hard on, he sat down next to me and started eating. Dinner went normal as usual, belle finished first and went back in the living room, when me and my husband finished I told him to wait there, I cleared the plates and tables and put all the sauces back. Then I reached in my pocket and pulled out belles panties and got the crotch area and put them under my husbands nose and asked him, do they smell nice,
He didn’t realise they were belles and he said they smell amazing and then I put them back in my pocket. And told him lets go back in the front room, when we got in there we realised my husband drink with the sleeping pill was gone and that’s when we realised belle had drunken the wrong one. When we got in the living room belle was laying on one sofa and me and my husband took the other, I put a blanket over my husband and myself, and I put my hand down my husband’s trousers and played with his penis, making him rock hard. About 30 minutes later we saw belle had fallen asleep, so we took belle to her bed and we went to our bed, I went in the on-suite bathroom and stripped naked and just put on belles panties, they were tight but I still managed to get them on, then I walked out to my husband and his eyes grew huge and said why you got on belles panties, I said to him well you got hard looking at her bum earlier and you sniffed these earlier in the kitchen, so you have looked at belle and said belle smells nice Hehe, so I thought I could do some role play and pretend I’m belle, he didn’t say anything but he was rock hard, so jumped on the bed and pulled his trousers and boxers down and sucked him off, while saying nice cock daddy, while I was sucking him off, I got into the 69 position and made him lick her panties that I was wearing in the crotch area, so he could taste her, I kept asking him do I taste nice daddy, my husband couldn’t get enough, and then he said yes you taste amazing belle. I was so wet at this point I got up and said fuck me daddy, he put his cock in my pussy and fucked me so hard and then he came inside me , I went to the toilet with cum leaking down my leg and when I came back my husband was asleep, but I was still so horny,
So I had a crazy idea, I grabbed our camera and went to the fridge and pulled a cucumber and banana, and went to belles room, belle was out of it as she has a sleeping pill, I pulled the covers off her and took some pictures of her naked body, I spread her legs and got close ups off her pussy, I even spread her pussy and got took photos of her spread pussy, it was turning me on so much, I was dripping wet, I got the cucumber and stuck it in my pussy and fucked me so hard with it, it only took me 5 minutes to cum, but I carried on and cummed another 5 times, I stuck the banana in my arse and fucked myself in both holes, I fucked myself for over a hour and had orgasm after orgasm, until I collapsed on the floor exhausted, I got up after about 30 minutes of laying there on belles bedroom floor. I took some more photos and left belles legs spread apart and picked up the cucumber and banana and left the room. I put cucumber back in the fridge and snickered to myself, I’m going to fuck my self tomorrow with the cucumber and make my daughter and husband eat the cucumber with my juices on it, I put the banana back in the fruit bowl, and said I’m going to stick the banana peeled in my arse tomorrow and give it to my daughter to eat afterwards,
I then took the camera upstairs to our bedroom and put it on my dressing table and got into bed and went to sleep.
Join me in part 2, I will only do a part 2 if I get a lot of interest, email me on [email protected] with your interest and stories

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