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Just a Married Aussie slut who can’t say no Sex erotica stories – Y2Stories

I’m Emma a Married Slut and Mother of two lovely Daughters aged 13 and 15 and I’am 46, and live abut a two hour drive out of Brisbane Australia on a hobby farm. My maiden name was Funk so I got a lot of slack at school by the boys, l read a lot of […]

My half sister and I part 5 Sex Story for free 2024 – Y2Stories

This is half fiction half reality of me molesting my 8yo sister when I was 14. We didn’t fuck, but I did molest and did oral with her. I’m picking straight up from where part 4 left off, so please read the previous chapters first if you haven’t already After my mom stumbled to bed, […]

Wrong Semester In Uganda 8 Sex Stories for free – Y2Stories

Bridget, a leftist student, gets her world toppled upside down as she gets deflowered repeatedly. As soon as Mr. Mbabazi had unlocked the front door, the dorm’s large living room had been brutally invaded by a horde of lust-crazed soldiers whose black faces were alight with grinning teeth as they quickly submitted and tied up […]

That night in the stable Sex Stories free 2024 – Y2Stories.Com

If you like stories about beautiful teen girls having anal sex with horses, this is the story for you =) Dolores is a 17-year-old petite beauty with fiery red-orange hair that always seems to be in a state of delightful disarray.Her slender frame is accentuated by her medium-sized breasts and narrow waistline,both of which are […]

Isabela and courtney’s prom night with johannas and ted goes as planned except for isabela Sex Stories for free 2024 – Y2 Stories

Britney plays the sexy hot Isabela as she gets her sexy pouty ass fucked unexpectedly by Ted . My name is Isabela and I’m Courtney’s best friend , and I’m also Spanish and our prom is tonight so I’m waiting for Teddy to pick me up . He plays on our high school football team […]

Wedding Day Fun Sex Stories for free – Y2Stories.Com

A groom gets pushed to the edge by his bride to be’s little sister, and ends up raping her to teach her a lesson *Important Note*The following story is 100% fiction with zero real world relevance. =============================Jeff’s wedding day would be one he’d never forget, he was marrying Lauren his college girlfriend of 4 years […]

A trip leads to a backseat romp with my stepsister part two Sex Stories 2024 – Y2Stories

With the exception of banging my stepsister during the car ride, I strike out with every girl on the beach, when someone unexpected helps. The next day Sarah and I walked down to the beach together to body surf and check out the girls and guys. As we walked, I asked her what was yesterday […]