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What was I thinking, This little girl made me lose control Sex Stories for free 2024 – Y2 Stories

I was resting out back with a glass of tea and soaking my feet in the pool.  Then I heard some shriek coming from the neighbor that lives in back of me. I went over and looked through the fence.  I saw such a beautiful sight. A beautiful little redheaded girl.   I thought to myself that […]

Wrong Semester In Uganda 8 Sex Stories for free – Y2Stories

Bridget, a leftist student, gets her world toppled upside down as she gets deflowered repeatedly. As soon as Mr. Mbabazi had unlocked the front door, the dorm’s large living room had been brutally invaded by a horde of lust-crazed soldiers whose black faces were alight with grinning teeth as they quickly submitted and tied up […]

Wedding Day Fun Sex Stories for free – Y2Stories.Com

A groom gets pushed to the edge by his bride to be’s little sister, and ends up raping her to teach her a lesson *Important Note*The following story is 100% fiction with zero real world relevance. =============================Jeff’s wedding day would be one he’d never forget, he was marrying Lauren his college girlfriend of 4 years […]

psych nurses raped me – part2 Sex Stories free 2024 – Y2-Stories

I knew it was going on to others, then it was my turn. First female nurses, one broke my hymen with her strapon. Then it was male nurses About two weeks after the Butch Dyke nurse broke my hymen with a strapon dildo, the original rapist a 50s nurse holding me down, I had to […]

Fucked My mom by blackmailing hrr Sex Story for free – Y2Stories

I fucked my mom by blackmailing her with the video which i made when she was fucking my Dad. Hello everyone my name is shivam(18) currently in class 12 .My mom is a typical traditional mom in India having 36D boobs 32 waist 34 boobs fair complexion 5’4 height her age is 38 and my […]