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It was on the mid-seventies and I was in my early teens when a new family moved into our neighborhood with a 18 yo daughter named Terry. It was a small town without much to do and school had just let out for the summer. Terry wasn’t by any means a beauty queen type, but she had a really hot body that we all would find out she didn’t mind showing off. There were only a couple of girls in our neighborhood in her age group and they were kind of snobby. But there were several guys, so we were the first people close to her age. Apparently her family moved a lot because of her fathers job so she never got a chance to make any lasting friendships anywhere she went and that had made her kind of awkward around new people. But she found a way to become fast friends with us.

Like all the girls in our small conservative little town she had to dress conservatively when she was out in public. But she’d invite some of us into her parents house to play board games etc, and she pretty much had the whole downstairs to the house all to herself and her mother was always too busy on the phone to pay attention to what was going on downstairs. It was only the second or third time we’d been over there and she commented that the sweatshirt she had on was too hot so went into her bedroom which was also down there to change. When she came back she was wearing a skimpy top that looked more like a sports bra only loose fitting and made with a thin white material you could easily see her big dark pink aureols and hard nipples through, as well as a pair of skimpy baggy shorts that when she sat on the floor with us you could see up the leg openings and see her hairy bush. As we played the game she bent over a lot where you could see just how big her tits were.

All us guys were sitting there trying to hide our hard on’s There were 3 of us from 12 to 15 years old and here was this hot soon to turn 19 year old really putting on a show for us. But we really didn’t know how to take it knowing she’d lived in some big cities growing up and thinking maybe they just dressed that way there. But I’m sure we all jerked off that night thinking about what we’d seen that day. It seemed like every time we went over there she’d dress like that. But not out in public. There were a bunch of woods around our houses and growing up we’d built little forts and stuff as well as made a path to use as a shortcut to get to a little convenience store. We all knew the woods like the back of our hands, and none of the parents ever came out there so as we’d gotten a little older we’d fixed up one of our childhood forts pretty nice taking old furniture people threw out there and putting a roof on it and making it water proof. We’d hidden playboy magazines & cigarettes etc out there and had a good spot for ourselves. One day we were going to go to the store and asked Terry if we could bring her something back. But she wanted to go with us.

I don’t think any girl had ever gone out there but she seemed determined so we said sure. You had to go over a log to get over a stream and some other obstacles but she hung right in there. One of the guys said something about our club house which was supposed to be our secret, but of course she wanted to see it. It was off the trail as we’d go in from different places so as to not leave a path someone could be tempted to follow. But Terry was right there with us. We’d never pictured her as the woodsie type girl but she seemed to like it. Someone had left a porn magazine out and we just knew she’d be offended, but instead she started looking through it. This was far from a playboy, one of the guys found that his dad had thrown away. People were having sex in every way possible and Terry didn’t seem bothered by it at all, and infact sat down and started really going through it, sometimes getting a big grin on her face. At one point she looked up and asked how many girls we’d brought out there and done these things with? One guy says you’re the only girl who has ever been here.

She got a big grin and asked if we’d ever actually seen a girl totally naked, then added aside from a quick accidental peek at your mother or sister. No one said anything though I knew a couple had spied on their mother or older sister including me. In fact just recently my sister had caught me jerking off looking at a picture of her in a bikini and had stripped for me and sucked my dick. But I hadn’t told anyone. So Terry says well this has to be our secret just like your secret club house, and she starts undressing. Soon she was naked and she got in some poses as if posing for a men’s magazine. Then had us play with her tits and suck on them and feel every inch of her body. We had some cards there and she had us draw cards and said high card got a prize but didn’t say what. Andy who was 13 drew the high card and she got on her knees in front of him and in one yank pulled his shorts and underwear down. His cock was already rock hard and when she took it in her mouth and started to suck & stroke it he shot off in no time. But she kept sucking and put his hands on her tits and in no time was hard again. She licked & sucked his cock and balls taking her time and this time she sucked him off for about ten minutes. She’d said starting out if the rest of us wanted to jerk off while we watched we could. By time she had him cum the second time we’d all pulled out cocks out and were jerking off. Which it was far from the first time we’d seen each other jerk off in there.

Terry licked her lips and told Andy how good his cum tasted, and told the rest of us we’d better not tell anyone if we wanted to get our dick sucked. She got dressed and we went to the store. A few days later Terry came over and told me to get a few of my friends together to go to our little club house. I called a few guys and we headed into the woods. This time there were 5 guys where before there were 3 of us. But Terry seemed fine. Once we got there she told us all to undress. The 2 new guys balked at first until she said she wasn’t getting naked until they did. Soon all five of us were naked and Terry did a sexy strip tease for us. We’d draw cards and the high card would suck her tits, or finger her pussy, and things like that. Then she looked through the magazine she’d seen before looking for ideas. Finally she saw a girl sucking 2 guys off at once. She had us draw cards and she was going to blow the 2 high cards as the other 3 guys felt her up. It turned out to be me and Tommy. Even at that age I had a big dick and Terry said she’d been wanting to try that out. At first she was going from one cock to the other then pressed them together. A couple of guys looked uneasy. But being Tommy had been sucking my dick at his request since he was 11 we were both OK with it. But it wasn’t long before the other guys had their cock out jerking off wishing it was their dick in her mouth.

We shot our loads down her throat and then as each guy was ready to cum she had them cum in her mouth. We all got dressed and headed back but split up to come out in different places so as not to attract attention. It ended up with Terry and I being alone and she had us stop, she looked into my eyes and said she wanted me to fuck her. We went off the trail to a secluded spot beside the stream and undressed and went into the water to a big smooth rock and after kissing and me sucking her tits some she leaned over the rock and told me to give it to her from behind. We fucked like that for a while and she said I’d been Lying saying I’d never seen a girl naked before or had sex. She seemed angry but still wanted me to fuck her harder. Then she said OK who’ve you been fucking? And before I could think up a lie she said she’d heard I had a really hot older sister, then said you’ve been fucking your sister haven’t you. Then said if she had a brother with my dick she’d be fucking his brains out. I think it shocked her when I said no that my sister had only been sucking my dick, that I’d fucked a friends 13 yo sister a few times but that they’d moved away. As soon as I said it I thought why did I tell her about my sister and I. I could have just told her about my friend’s sister. I’d even confessed that he’d fucked his sister too when she was 12. Not wanting her to know I had been fucking my sister too.

The rest of the summer it looked like a couple of times a week she’d get a few of us to go to the woods with her and play her sex games. It ended up being 9 different guys and by the end of the summer we’d all fucked her. And she loved being fucked by one guy as she sucked another guy off as other guys were jerking off. Sometimes having them cum in her mouth and other times on her tits. I’m not sure if she was fucking other guys at other times, but she was me. She loved to have me fuck her in her basement and leave the door unlocked so someone could walk in on us and knowing her mother could come down at any time. Other times we’d fuck in the woods, her favorite place being in the stream or beside it. Once as I was fucking her from behind like the first time she suddenly told me to fuck her in the ass. I had been fantasizing about that and now she wanted it. As I fucked her in the ass she was making more noise than usual and I found out the next day 2 of the guys had been going to our clubhouse and heard her and had snuck over and watched us. I knew when I saw them the next day and one of them said oh yea baby give it to me hard in the ass, then the other guy said yea fill your cum sluts ass full of your hot cum. As she’d said both things.

My sister had been taking a couple of summer classes but came home for a couple of weeks before the next school year began and met Terry one day when she came over looking for me but I wasn’t home. When I got home my sister said she’d met our new neighbor I’d been fucking, then said good for you she’s got a hot body. Then said has she taught you anything new you want to show me. She’d played me, because when I said I couldn’t believe Terry had told her about that she laughed and said she hadn’t. But she just got the feeling that something was going on between us. Then she said she also got the impression that Terry was into girls too. I asked why and she said well the way Terry was checking out her body and how Terry suggested they hook-up sometime before they both left for their colleges again. And said she wasn’t sure if she should say anything to me. I asked why Terry thought she’d want to hook up with her. She laughed and said well she guessed them both being bi and them being attracted to each other sexually pretty quickly might have something to do with it.

But it all worked out good because they did hook up a couple of times and my sister confessed having sex with me to her and it ended up turning into my 1st FFM threesome on my 15 the birthday. So happy birthday to me…lol. Unfortunatelly I never saw Terry again after she left for college as her parents moved again. But she sent me a few letters and a couple of nude Polaroids of her and her roommate in her dorm.

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