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Bridget, a leftist student, gets her world toppled upside down as she gets deflowered repeatedly.

As soon as Mr. Mbabazi had unlocked the front door, the dorm’s large living room had been brutally invaded by a horde of lust-crazed soldiers whose black faces were alight with grinning teeth as they quickly submitted and tied up the nine teenage lads who were present.

Most of the girls, who had been sitting on a sofa or on the carpeted floor and watching that old Jacky Chan movie, had screamed with shrill terror as they saw the Ugandan troops storming in!

Before they knew what hit them, they were grabbed and assaulted by overzealous admirers. Some of the girls were raped on the spot! Others were taken to individual bedrooms, then used too!

The male students, powerless and defeated as they were after being beaten up with fists and batons and rifle butts, had been tied up and now watched their female classmates falling into black hands; many grew a hard-on as they heard the girls screaming, the men jeering and t-shirts emitting sharp ripping sounds as the screaming captives had their bra, then their boobs brutally exposed for all to see and enjoy their free-moving mounds of British flesh!

Most of these male students never had sex in their young lives. They suddenly got to watch girls getting forcibly stripped naked!

Panties got grabbed and ripped off by black hands, leaving the panicked display of a cunt, shaved clean, lightly hairy or heavily forested… “The carpet matches the drapes!” a soldier would jest when a blonde’s bush happened to be a sweet golden triangle!

Yashma’s heavy triangle of black forest had soldiers nearly fighting for who was going first! Two British boys experienced a raging erection upon seeing Yashma’s black silkiness between her olive-skin thighs! If they had not been tied up with their hands behind them, they would have masturbated hard as they watched her being blacked!

Girls frantically shook their heads and shouted “No! No! Nooo!” as the jeering and grinning troops were shredding and tearing their light clothes and uncovering their pure-white skin! The taboo was hitting these well-bred girls in the face amid that forest of black men in camouflage fatigues!

Bridget freaked out and let out a shrill scream of terrified panic when she saw these uniformed black-faced invaders rushing in! Her shrill shriek almost shattered the glass of Seven-Up she was holding and let fall as the soldiers in khaki fatigues came rushing at her as that glass shattered on the floor.

“Nooooooooo! Please! Let me go! Let me go! I’m just seventeen, please!” Bridget yelped as she shook her head into a blur of brown hair.

Two Corporals grabbed and lifted her — one holding her ankles together, the other holding her by the armpits — while a tall and broad-shouldered Warrant Officer ran his meaty mud-brown hands all over her cute girly legs. She was seventeen all right! She looked even a bit younger.

“Happy birthday, sweet sixteen!” the strong-faced Warrant Officer jeered at Bridget, who kept frantically shaking her head as they carried her through the crowded and chaotic living room, where distressed girls were shrieking and panicking amid jeering Ugandans in field uniform.

“I’m only seventeen! Just seventeen… I’m virgin! Please, be nice!”

The bare-legs teenager was taken to a coffee table, where she had her face splattered with Seven-Up as the Warrant Officer took a left-over glass and poured the liquid on her and tossed the empty glass away, before forced-kissing her and licking her sweet face!

“Ahh yeah! You taste good, white girl! What’s your name?”

Bridget didn’t answer; she barely heard him anyway, as there was so many loud noises around her. She was frozen with fear and terror!

“Never mind!” the 40-year-old Warrant Officer said as he grabbed Bridget’s tank-top and ripped it open with strength and power that further terrified Bridget.

“This is not possible! This cannot be!” thought Bridget. “White men are evil! Black men are good! This is not politically correct! Black men don’t rape! It’s a white man’s myth!” the leftest girl babbled to herself within her mind as she felt the Warrant Officer’s heavy hand grabbing her tank-top and ripping it clean off her nubile torso, leaving her pastel-pink bra to stand a doomed watch on her perky boobs as a nearby soldier catcalled her.

“Black men don’t rape! It’s a white man’s myth! Black men don’t r… Naaoooooo!” Bridget said aloud, trying hard to stick to her leftist’s credo as rapacious Ugandan hands made short work of her pastel bra; her nubile breasts now freely danced as she desperately pleaded and begged, all to no avail. The two grinning Corporals pinned her on the coffee table while their eyes feasted on her panic-dancing nipples, so delicate in their rosiness on top of those pale boobs of hers.

The Warrant Officer grabbed her legs by the ankles and slickly yanked her panties off her hips with a loud snapping sound.

“Black men don’t rape! It’s a white man’s myth! Black men don’t rape! It’s a white man’s myth! …” the leftist student kept repeating like a litany as she shook her lovely head under the men’s jeers.

Bridget saw the Warrant Officer’s dick emerging from his camouflaged trousers. It was huge! It had a large mushroomy glans and was bulging with veins all over its dark-mahogany surface. It had nothing to do with her boyfriend’s prick, which was tiny and childish-looking in comparison. She had actually never allowed it inside her; she had kept him happy with college-girl blowjobs and only allowed him to shoot his cum on her breasts. She was waiting for the right time to give her virginity.

How on earth was she going to take that thing inside her? It then occurred to Bridget that she was indeed going to be raped by this black man, and not only him, but these two others as well! She felt something breaking inside her as she realized that she was going to get deflowered! Tears started streaming down her silent, terrified face. This was going to hurt! But black men?!

“Black men don’t rape! It’s a white man’s myth! Black men don’t rape! It’s a white man’s myth! …”

The lovely girl with pig-tails kept repeating these words aloud as the Warrant Officer’s king-size cock was already pushing her folds to snuggly enter her womanhood!

The Corporals urged him on as he strained to push his hard cock inside the Briton girl. They were holding her in place while the Warrant Officer kept her legs propped up and her feet next to his face while he pushed his dick deeper inside the terror-frozen girl.

The wide-faced Warrant Officer started raping little Bridget with unfathomable contentment; she was so ungodly tight! Warrant Officer Lumumbo had a daughter about the same age, and he had sometimes caught himself wishing he could enjoy her incredibly firm body; no woman could rival a teenage girl when it came to body firmness and smoothness!

He watched the white girl’s perky breasts jiggling so beautifully as she was firmly pinned and raped by him on that coffee table, right near where another group was gang-raping a Pakistani-looking girl with gorgeous long raven hair; the burly Warrant Officer took note of this and decided that he would rape this Paki girl next, but then he gave his undivided attention to the teen girl he was presently ravishing; she was clearly a virgin from the way she felt!

He felt his huge dick gloriously expanding and hardening inside the Briton girl, while Bridget was frantically shaking her head from side to side, finding herself utterly surrounded and pinned by grinning Ugandese soldiers! Her fists were clenched in little balls of helplessness where a smiling Corporal held her wrists as he eagerly waited his turn, biding his time by admiring her jiggling tits as she got literally skewered by the heavy and big Warrant Officer. That squeaking coffee table sounded like it was about to collapse. Bridget’s world already had.

“No! No! No! You can’t! You can’t! Black men don’t rape! Black men don’t rape! No… It’s a myth! A white man’s… ahhh, no… myth!” Bridget kept saying in her cockney accent as she was wildly shaken by her rape on that coffee table, her lovely features distorted by her pain as she was so brutally deflowered, her head bobbing and her breasts jiggling and often getting cupped and kneaded by the soldiers holding her in place for her huge rapist, whose big black grinning face was her worst nightmare!

“Here! Take this, you fucking racist slut! Take this! And this! HRRR! HRRRR! HRRRR… You fucking racist bitch! Oh YEah! Yeah! ohhrrr… You’re a fucking good fuck little bitch! HRRR! HRRRR! HRRRR…”

The large Warrant Officer stopped talking and began seriously panting as he greatly intensified his pace, lifting Bridget’s butt off the coffee table and slamming her petite body in oblivion as he felt his climax drawing near; Bridget was gone, she lost control of her body as her squeals of virgin’s pain and shock gave way to moans and whimpers; she was finding out that her body liked it real rough!

“Hey, listen to this, Gonza,” the first Corporal told his buddy now holding her other arm, “the little racist bitch likes it rough! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

“Yeah, deep down they all root for a hard black dick! We’re doing her a favour! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Warrant Officer Lumumbo was presently a rutting beast whose only purpose was to inpregnate this little racist bitch with a black baby! This would teach her a good lesson! She ought to know that black men had a right to rape too! And they could do it a lot better and harder than these puppy-dog-faced white boys!

He then further pushed his rhythm right into an utter rape frenzy! The girl was moaning loud and whimpering like crazy as he kept ramming his huge dick inside her with savage abandon, holding nothing back, his mouth wide open and panting in his primal copulating urge!

Several onlookers had gathered. Bridget was now being raped amid a pack of no less than seven or eight Ugandans.

“Ahhhh nnooaaahhh… Black… dn’t rp!” Bridget uttered between her loud whimpers as she felt the upcoming climax surging and forcing itself on her! She realized her body loved being so roughly shaken with a big hard dick ramming her pussy! Her politically correct mind was also being raped by her own body! She felt her small breasts swelling from being touched and looked at by these soldiers!

Then, she heard the whole living room uttering a savage scream as she felt him twitch inside her as he strongly exhaled against her ankles, where her feet were still all the way up near his thick black face, then something hot and liquid suddenly erupting inside her womanhood! His cum! No! He had cummed inside her!

Warrant Officer Lumumbo couldn’t believe it when he powerfully exploded inside the little foreign student! What an amazing shag! He was proud for being such a long laster, and now the compound pressure was summed up in a nuclear blast of relief!

A Corporal took his place, very eagerly, and with his equally eager dick he began taking his own turn inside Bridget, grunting with delight as he raped her deliciously tight pussy while watching her teenage breasts moving along with her bobbing head with her small girly fists clenched where his fellow Corporal was holding her wrists! This little racist bitch was going to remember her time in Uganda!

The Corporal raped Bridget good and hard, holding her waist while standing on his knees between her open legs as she kept yelling and begging him to stop as the other Corporal smiled down on her. She got soon filled up and the grown man let out a sickening growl as he dumped a massive load.

Then, the more junior Corporal took his turn as his senior buddy took his place and held Bridget’s wrists on either side of her shaking head, loving the warmth of brown on her hair with those pig-tails that made her look so innocent that it multiplied the megatons whenever a man blissfully ejaculated inside her.

As the woke student got brutally raped on that squeaking low table, she clenched her little fists hard while her distorted face made the same expression as if she had just swallowed a whole dozen of the bitterest lemons; and all through this, the young Corporal took her with her lithe legs propped all the way up and he blissfully raped her while kissing her feet.

The Ugandan Corporal soon screamed out his bliss as he blew a biblical-scale load inside the sobbing student. He pulled out of her with immense satisfaction and suddenly shot one last bolt of seed that almost made it to her tits, but landed just above her navel, where it formed a pool of hot stickiness.

Soldiers were there and waiting. Someone poured banana beer on Bridget’s tits, then mouths with full lips acted like sucking devices, and Bridget secretly enjoyed it as Ugandans took their turns in licking all the beer off her tits. White tits and so ungodly juicy! Those men had never seen such a pair of titties for real, let alone touched and sucked them, but now they did. It wasn’t supposed to be, but it did.

This was why Bridget was now on the verge of a strong climax! Her tits were so sensitive!

After the session of tit sucking, the rounds of forced sex resumed. Bridget was gang-raped by no less than five soldiers, one of whom a balding Captain in his forties. That older man grunted like a boar and screamed like a banshee when he exploded inside Bridget and thought he was going to die as he was hit by God’s delight and emptied his balls inside the UK student. She was so tight!

The low coffee table caved in and collapsed. Soldiers laughed.

Mr. Mbabazi was there and he recognized Bridget! She didn’t, since he wore a wrestling mask.

Mr. Mbabazi laid himself down on her. Bridget was now but feebly resisting. He raped her while crushing her under his weight, flat out in the missionary style, sweating like a pig inside his mask, kissing and licking her neck as she bitterly cried and looked away.

His nostrils were filled with her white-girl fragrance that reminded one of lilacs with subtle notes of vanilla with perhaps a tiny bit of nutmeg, and he raped her hard, holding nothing back and grunting like a bear.

“Aahh! Yes! Yes! Yes! This is it! This is it! Aaaahhh, the pig-tail student! Oh, yes! Bridget! I love yaaa-hhh NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNHHGGHH!!!”

As he powerfully emptied his stores of semen inside her, Bridget shrieked in horror and disgust as she recognized Mr. Mbabazi’s voice.

A soldier who had been masturbating pressure-shot a big load of seed! Right there on her tits as soon as the program principal was gone. Bridget felt the slimy heat on her boobs and again, she secretly enjoyed it.

She did not have time to think and process her new experience in her shattered mind. Another soldier was already on top of her. She yelped with sharp pain as he penetrated her without asking, then he pounded her urgently as his mates jeered at and mocked her.

“How do you like it, woke girl? This will teach you not to protest against your host country!”

“Nothing like a good thrashing from us to teach those leftists who’s boss!”

“Look at her go! The little tramp’s loving it! YOU LIKE IT DON’T YOU? Of course she does! They all do!” the 40-something Captain reflected as he drank a banana beer a grinning soldier just handed him.

That Captain felt a little guilty from taking advantage of a teen, but he would never tell the men about it. But this deed would always come back and haunt his conscience.

“Oh, God! She feels so amazing!” Bridget heard her rapist utter as she felt crushed and shattered in her mind, body and soul. The Ugandan twitched inside her and groaned hard and low right in her face, and Bridget took yet another load of Ugandan sperm. Her body was forcing her to enjoy this.

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