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This is half fiction half reality of me molesting my 8yo sister when I was 14. We didn’t fuck, but I did molest and did oral with her.

I’m picking straight up from where part 4 left off, so please read the previous chapters first if you haven’t already

After my mom stumbled to bed, and passed out, Sarah came into my room, about 30 minutes later. “Matt you awake?” “Yeah I’m up.” I replied, rolling over to see she was totally naked. She was so cute with her long brown hair, and brown eyes. She hasn’t gotten her period yet, so she still had the body of a little kid. She was tiny about 4’5″ and 80lbs, she had a flat chest, bald pussy, and sexy little bubble butt.
Sarah climbed into bed, and snuggled up to me, facing away from me. She reached behind her, as we were spooning, and started to stroke my cock. I ran my fingertips all over her tiny body, and down to her pussy. I slide my finger up and down her slit, and played with her clit. Sarah lifted her leg and draped it over mine, and I slide my finger in her tight prepubescent pussy. “Mmmm that feels so good Matt. I love having my big brother’s fingers inside me.” She whispers. Hearing that come out of my little sister’s mouth drives me crazy. She figured that out early on when she jokingly called me a pervert. I kept fingering her wet pussy making her moan quietly.
Sarah stopped stroking my cock, and reached up behind her and, pulled my head down for a kiss. Then reached down, and started rubbing the head of my dick up and down her little slit. “God your so sexy, I love your little pussy.” I say breaking from the kiss, and trying to push inside her. “You like my pussy some much than you won’t mind licking it.” She says seductively.
I get up without saying a word, scoot down the bed, and bury my face between her soft little legs. I kiss her pussy like it’s her mouth, and slide my tongue between her pussy lips. “Oh’s it, lick my little pussy.” She moans. I love the taste of my little sister. I love making her moan, she has the cutest moan, so I do everything I can to make her cum. What else is family for after all. I slide my tongue inside her soft pussy, and pull her hips up towards my mouth, and looking her in the eye. “Y..yes that’s it my little kid pussy. It fe..els so good.! Don’t stop..please make me cum. I love having a pervert big brother to make me cum.!” She says, with a lust filled twinkle in her eyes. Sarah moans and rotates her hips as I explore every inch of sexy 8yo pussy with my tongue, until she orgasms loudly, and cums all over my face.
“Shhh you’ll wake up mom.!” I say in a harsh whisper. “Don’t worry mom is passed out drunk, and won’t hear a thing. Now lay down, I want to suck your dick.”We switch spots, and she immediately wraps her lips around my cock, and starts bobbing her head up and down. She slides my dick down her throat, and srokes what she can’t fit in her mouth with her hand. “That’s it baby suck my cock. You’ve gotten so good at sucking dick, in the past few weeks.” I say enjoying the view of my 8yo sister deep throating me. I start to cum, and she she quickly climbs on top of me, shoving my cock inside her soft wet cunt. “Oh fuck..God I love you, I love being able to cum in you and not have too worry about getting you pregnant.” I say, as Sarah uses her pussy to milk my cock dry. I’ve never cum so much in my life, and fell asleep as she rolled off me.

After about a month I notice that Sarah’s boobs are starting to grow, and her nipples are really sensitive to the touch, so mom made her a doctor appointment thinking she would be starting her period soon. A few days later mom and Sarah get home from the appointment, and they did not look happy. Sarah walked in with her head down, didn’t even look at me, and went straight down to her room.
“Is there something you want to tell me Matthew?”

“No..why? What’s going on mom?”

“Have you been having sex with your little sister?”

“Wait what?! Eww no!! That’s nasty mom, how could you think that?! She’s just a kid!” I say trying to sound convincing, and hoping I’m not overselling it.

“Well someone did, and she’s pregnant. She’s not saying a word about any of it.!…I..I’m sorry, what was I thinking. I just don’t know what to do.!” My thoughts are just everywhere right now.

“What do you mean pregnant? How does an 8yo get pregnant?”

“Her doctor says some girls get their periods really young, and who ever raped her did it during her first ovulation. But that’s not all, on our way home your sister says it wasn’t rape, she liked it and wants to keep the baby.!” Mom says plopping down in a kitchen chair.

“Wait what do you mean she said it’s not rape?”

“I don’t know, all she said she wasn’t forced, and she liked it. I don’t know what to do, she won’t talk to me. I told her that I would go to the police station, but she said she won’t say anything to anyone, especially the cops.
I wish her father was here, but he’s going to jail for violation, of conditions. He beat up his roommate yesterday for some dumb ass reason. I got the call when you were in school, and the hits just keep on coming.”

“I..I don’t know what to say mom.” I reply, trying to hide my relief, that Sarah rat me out.

“Can you talk to her, and see what you can find out? You’ve always been good to her, you two are so close. Tell her why it’s wrong for her to have sex at 8, and get her to open up. You have to get through to her. I don’t want her to be the school slut in elementary school.”

“I’ll try mom but she doesn’t tell me everything. What do I do if she won’t tell me what happened?

“Be the kind caring big brother you’ve always been, and just see if you can get her to open up, and we’ll figure it out from there. Now go. Your sister is going to need you.”

I get up and go down to Sarah’s room. She’s sitting on her bed practically in tears.
“I didn’t tell, I swear I didn’t.” She says breaking down, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“I know it’s ok, shhh calm down. It’s going to be all right, just try to relax. Mom told me you didn’t say anything, and wants me to get you to open up.” I tell her as I sit down next to her, and wrap my arm around her

“Really mom said it must have been you. I told her it wasn’t, but I thought she figured it out, since I’m about a month pregnant. That’s like the first or second time we did it and you haven’t been here very long.”

“I played it off like I was grossed out when she asked if I slept with you. I’m pretty sure she believed me.”

“What are we going to do Matt? I can’t believe you got me pregnant. I didn’t think I’d get my period till I was like 10. Like my friend Michelle’s sister.”

“Shhh keep it dow…”I started to say, but our mom barged in the room. “I knew it, I knew it had to be you who knocked up your little sister. How could you do this to her?!

“No mommy it wasn’t was an older boy I know from shool.” Sarah blurts out

“I heard everything Sarah! Now you tell me what happened right now.! You’re not in trouble but you have to tell me what Matt did to you. Mom said glaring at me.

“Nothing mommy, he didn’t do anything, it was all me.” Sarah whined.

“Tell me what happened right now Sarah, or I’m calling the police, and they can sort this mess out.!”

“No mommy please dont.! I don’t want Matthew to go to jail.! I’ll tell you, just dont send him away please.” Sarah said and started to cry.
“I saw pictures on the computer that daddy was looking at one day, and I wanted to try it. I started touching my pee pee at bedtime, and it felt good. The pictures had guys and girls touching each other, so when Matt and me were having a tickle fight one time I pretended to move his hand and brushed it against my pee pee. He didn’t even realize what I was doing until I did it a second time. I told him it was ok but he didn’t want to. But I kept being a pest, until he finally said yes. Then after a while we kept doing stuff together and one day we had sex. It was amazing! Matt was so gentle with me, and never hurt me, or forced me to do anything. I swear mommy he didn’t hurt me. He’s my big brother and, I love him, please don’t call the cops,and send hem away.!”

“Is this true Matthew? Did your sister seduce you?” Mom asked, and her facial expression softened.

“Yeah that’s what happened mom, I’m sorry, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want her to try to find someone else to touch her, and get kidnapped or something. I figured it was better if it was me, instead of some creep that might hurt her.”

“So you only did it to protect her, and didn’t force her or trick her into having sex with you?”

“No mom I didn’t force her or anything, I swear. There was even a couple time she wasn’t in the mood so we just cuddled for a while. I would never hurt her.! She’s my baby sister, and I love her.”

“So what now? Are you going to send Matt to jail mommy? Do I have to get rid of my baby?!” Sarah asks, her voice full of desperation.

“I cant believe my son is attracted little girls, but no sweetheart I’m not going to go to the police. I’m not going to tear apart this family, when Matt was only trying to keep you safe, but some things are going to change around here. The more I think about it, the more I’m glad Matthew took your virginity, and not someone else who didn’t care about you. I see now that you two truly love each other.
Since your pregnant, and your brother is the father, I’m going to pull you both out of school, and you’ll be home schooled from now on. Obviously I can’t stop you two from having sex, so I’m not going to try, but from now on Matthew you will be fucking me when ever I want. You can’t say no to me, or each other anymore. It’s our job as a family to make sure everyone in it is happy, and completely satisfied. So if someone wants something they get it. I don’t care if its sex or a sandwich, the word no is no longer allowed in this house. Do we have an understanding?”

“Yes mom.” Sarah and I say in unison.

“Ok good, for now I want to watch you make love to your little sister. Let’s go up to my bedroom where there’s more room.”

We head up stairs to mom’s bedroom in total shock, but excited at the same time. We can’t believe what happened, that mom was going to let us keep on having sex, and that we were becoming a completely incestuous family.
Sarah and I got on the bed, and started kissing, while mom sat in an armchair in the corner to watch us. Sarah and I kissed and slowly undressed each other. I caressed her budding breast, as she unbuttoned my jeans and started stroking my hard cock. “Oh God that’s a lot sexier than I thought it was going to be.” Mom says as she lifts up her shirt, and starts playing with her titts. I look over at mom, and suddenly realize how beautiful she actually is. My mom’s in her early 40’s about 5′ even, kinda skinny, with nice B size titts, and an ok ass. She has blue eyes like me, and her shoulder length hair is kind of a dirty blonde color.
Sarah and I finish undressing each other, and I start sliding my finger up and down my little sister’s bald pussy.
“That’s it Matt, finger your 8yo sister. Watching my 14yo son finger bang his little sister is making me so wet. God this is so hot.” Mom moans, licking her finger and sliding her and down her pants.
I slide my fingers in and out of Sarah’s tiny pussy slowly at first. As she started to get wet I finger her faster, making her breath heavy and moan.
“Oh God Matt..yes that’s it, you make my pussy feel so good.! Come on Matt I know you are a bigger perv than this, I..I want to give mommy a good show. Mmhmm that’s it faster.!” I continue to finger Sarah, but I move down and start licking her clit.
“Oh..oh God yes suck her clit. Oh God mommy is so wet watching you two.” Mom says, as she fingers herself to an orgasm, and cums in her panties. A few minutes later Sarah came as I ate her out and fingers her.
Mom stands up and comes over to sit on the bed, Stripping her clothes as she does. “Go on Matt climb on top of your little sister. I want to watch your teenage cock slide in and out if her little girl pussy.” I do as mom says and get on top of my little sister, and push my cock into her soft wet cunt. I love the feeling of her little body underneath me. She’s so tiny and sexy, she’s like a little beautiful little doll.

“Oh you’re such a good big brother. Look how good you’re making your sister feel. Mommy’s loving this, my pussy is dripping wet..go on give it to her good, and hard. Mommy wants you to pound her little cunt.”

“Mmmm, Yeah Matt pound my little pussy.!..fuck me harder, your dick feels so fucking good..oh god..harder.! Give it to me good.!”

Again I do as the ladies say, and start pounding my little sister hard. I thrust in and out of her little cunt powerfully while mom lounges on the foot of the bed, watching us fuck, and fingerings her hairy pussy. I fuck Sarah hard, and I am so turned on with my mom on the bed playing with her self, and talking dirty, while fuck my little sister like a slut. I kiss her passionately, play with her little titties, and ram my cock in her.

“OH my god..keep going Matthew.! I want to make you feel good..cum for me..please..oh God please cum in me..your the best big brother in the world. Oh f..fu..oh fuck Matt, that’s it cum for your little sister.!”Sarah screams with pleasure.
I push forward shoving as much of my dick in her as I can, as an explosion of cum erupts from my cock inside her little preteen pussy. I rotate my hips using her tight puss to pump load after load deep inside her.

“Oh God that was amazing.! Mommy loved watching you two fuck. I’ll give you a minute to catch your breath while I get freshened up, but mommy wants her turn now.

Thanks for reading. I changed how I structure some sentences a little bit, hoping to make it a little easier to read. Let me know it the comments if the reading is any easier or not.

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