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There was no time to rest, so before my mom had time to recover from what had happened, the chief already started talking about a new task for her:

– So, you couldn’t work off your underpants, so you’re without them. Let’s move on. Now about socks.

– And how can I… without underpants?, – with obvious concern in her voice asked mom.

– How? I don’t fucking care! I’ve already told you that there will be no indulgences. If you don’t work out – fuck off. It’s simple and easy.

I could see in my mom’s face how stressed out she was by what she was hearing. And I could understand it. Because even if she could work out her pants, it would be uncomfortable to wear them without underwear, especially for a woman.

– Well, I think that everything is clear and simple, – continued the chief, – Work a little with your feet and it’s done.

After these words, the first guy, apparently the biggest foot lover of all, rushed to mom and was already putting his cock between her feet. Mom didn’t even have to do anything, the guy was doing a great job himself. And very soon his fresh semen was between her toes.

When he pulled away, mom started to stretch her legs and feet with obvious disgust, as if she wanted them to separate from her and not to make her feel this sensation anymore. But this was just the beginning of her working out and she had a lot more cocks to serve with her feet. Someone did it all by themselves, not bothering mom too much, and someone made her move her legs, ejaculating on them.

This workout took about 30 minutes. As it turned out, not all guys wanted to jerk off in this way and therefore abstained. However, even those who agreed were more than enough to make mom’s legs drown in cum.

– Well, congratulations, – said the chief with a sneer, throwing a pack of tissues to mom, – You’ve worked off your socks. Let’s get on with it. Now it’s on to the bra. I hope I don’t have to explain how and what you should work with.

Using the napkins she had thrown to remove a little of the cum from her legs, mom stood up from the bed with a disgruntled look. Walking over to the first guy waiting for her, she gave him the same disgruntled look and then, sighing and rolling her eyes, lowered herself down to the level of his cock and clutched it with her breasts. Continuing to squirm unhappily, mom began to move them, moving them back and forth along the length of his cock.

The guy was grinning throughout the whole process, and sometimes he took mom’s head and lowered it down so that she could touch his cock with her lips. Of course, she tried not to touch it with her lips, but he would get her face in one way or another. Already being exhausted, the guy again lowered mom’s head and when the semen began to erupt in a copious stream, then, of course, in addition to the breasts, got on her face, although noticeably less.

Mom with an even more displeased face clenched her eyes from the hit of semen and lowered her hands, thus releasing the guy’s cock from its pleasant inter-chest captivity. Fumbling for the napkins left on the bed, she wiped her face lightly. And as soon as she opened her eyes, she immediately saw the next guy in front of her, whose cock needed her breasts.

So she jerked off a few more guys. And she crawled over to the last one. He was a skinny, hairy guy, with a prominent disheveled fat eyebrows that grew into a monobrow. He looked to be about 15 years old. For some reason he made me immediately dislike him, which was the case with many of the guys in the group, but some of them stood out in particular. It was the first time I’d seen him, but I’d long since stopped being surprised by the new faces that came to use my mom as a sex doll for free. Surprisingly, the guy, though new, was pretty brazen and didn’t seem to be stewing at all. It is clear that all the guys who were called by the chief, were almost always aware of mom’s situation, but even so, not all of them from the start began to behave with her freely or rudely, as-after all, in front of them was a grown woman. But this one was not like that. As soon as mommy approached him and began to jerk his cock with her still unhappy face, he began to insult her almost from the start. At first he scolded her for allegedly not knowing how to work her breasts at all and for being disgusting to him. Then he criticized the breasts themselves, saying that they were too small for him and that “you didn’t grow them for me”. He emphasized himself a lot in general, as if mom was supposed to belong only to him. “I guess you’ve got a good sense of dignity, huh? More than okay,” I thought, as he continued to insult my mom.

When he ran out of arguments about breasts, he started to get personal. And it had to be said that he really didn’t spare any swear words, and some of them were even over the top. It seemed that he was angry because he was not her owner, but having no other options, he took out all his anger on mom. At the same time, he started pinching her and slapping her with his palm. And he pinched her quite painfully, judging by the red marks he left.

Mom at the same time, of course, silently listened to all this, tolerated it and continued to jerk his breasts. But inside her a real volcano was boiling. It could be understood by the eyes alone, which were full of pure anger and sincere hatred for the guy in front of her. Mom for such a time and though she got used, if at all possible to such a habit, to insults in her address, but here she sincerely did not understand why she had to endure it all, and in such a rude form. In addition, the accumulation effect was still working. All this hatred and anger that was accumulating in her, and which she could not discharge, began to come out. Moreover, mom’s anger was boiling so strongly that she was not afraid to raise her eyes to the guy, literally drilling him with them. And that’s why she soon began to receive quite predictable spits from him right in the face. But as the next spit dripped down from where it hit, mom would look up again. Apparently, at that moment, mom was having another incredible burst of pride and real built-up rage, as ironic as it was, considering that she was now kneeling naked and jerking the cock of the guy who was harshly insulting her with her breasts.

– I don’t like the way you’re looking at me, bitch, – the hairy one said in a raised tone when mom raised her head again after his spit.

– What else don’t you like? – mom suddenly said.

It is clear that it was said on the spur of all the emotions that could really make her angry, but it was something new. The other guys, hearing her say that, gave a monotonous rumble, as if telling their comrade to somehow respond to such insolence on her part. Though it must be admitted that even they were surprised, as, in fact, was I. “Wow, mom. You still have enough pride to take offense like that, don’t you? After everything that happened in the basement and before? So this guy really pissed you off. Okay, but you can say whatever you want. We’ve all seen by now that you’re only lip-service queen. Why don’t you demonstrate something new this time?”

Her breast movements after saying that, naturally she stopped. Taking her hands off them, she put them on her lap and continued to sit, still burning the guy with a fierce look.

– Wow, how scary, – the guy said in a deliberately playful manner, – Attention-attention, the downcast and resentful bitch believed in herself!

Mom didn’t move and only continued to stare. Then the guy leaned slightly toward her and gave her a sharp stinging slap. She gritted her teeth and silently endured it.

– You think I don’t know anything about you and your situation? I know everything, and I’ve seen what kind of a freak you are. Or are you going to tell me you’re not?

– I am not, – mom answered quietly through her teeth.

– Oh! All right, let’s play by your rules. Get up.

Without further ado, mom got up from her knees. She was obviously nervous about what was going on, not knowing what to expect, but apparently she decided not to back down, because she was too angry and annoyed with this guy.

– And so, since you are a proud, free and, I will note, not humiliated woman, you are free to make your own choice, like any other free person. So, here is your choice: you can take and leave this room right now, nobody will hold you back and moreover, nobody will touch you till the end of this day, but in this case I don’t know what your life will be like tomorrow, – the guy said with a clear threat in his voice, – Or option two: you drop back on your knees, beg my forgiveness and, if you ask well, I will let you kiss and lick my dick, and you will do it until I forgive you.

Smirking cheekily, he looked into mom’s hateful eyes and waited for her next move.
“That’s the dilemma, isn’t it, mommy? On the one hand, you have a great chance to finally show everyone that your pride is not just an empty sound, but then life after that may become such that the events of the past few months will seem like a vacation on a sandy beach, if, of course, it is even possible. On the other hand, everything will remain as it is, at least it shouldn’t get worse, but then you have to humiliate yourself in front of the asshole who deliberately pissed you off and insulted you to such an extent that he made you hate him just by his words. Moreover, you have already responded to him and snapped at him, which you have never done in such a form with anyone, so it would be quite shameful to back down. Come on, mom, come on.” Because this guy was annoying me for some reason, I sincerely wanted my mom to do something to counteract him, even if it was to make the situation worse for herself, but I didn’t care. Her humiliation I am also ready to watch forever, but for some reason now I wanted to see her resistance.

Mom stood there and drove her eyes around, looking at the guy, then at the open door, then at the floor. Her face was no longer angry, but rather worried and puzzled. I can’t imagine what thoughts were going through her mind at that moment. However, with each minute spent in that thoughtful silence, nervousness and fear began to emerge more and more clearly in my mom’s emotions. More and more often she began to swallow the lump of nerves that kept coming up to her throat, and each time she did so loudly that the sound echoed throughout the room because of the silence.

At one moment her gaze crossed again with the hairy one, and mom, apparently, immediately remembered all the emotions he had brought her a few minutes ago. She clenched her fists and, taking a deep breath, began to walk uncertainly toward the open door. “Yeah, come on. Show them just this one time that you still have that pride in you that they keep telling you lack of.”

When the exit was literally a couple of meters away, then behind her back my mom heard the hairy one addressing the main guy:

– Well, tomorrow we’ll put her in the car and take her the fuck out of here, as agreed?

Mom didn’t see it, but the hairy one clearly winked at the chief to follow suit.

– There’s nothing to do, she chose her own fate, – the chief replied lazily.

She stopped and asked over her shoulder with undisguised apprehension:

– W-what car? Where am I being taken?..

– Far away and for a very long time. It doesn’t concern you at all now bitch. Tomorrow you’ll find out everything, – the patched man answered rudely.

Mom turned back, but didn’t take a step forward. “Come on, mom, you can hear them blatantly lying. It’s understandable that in your position, being taken out and left somewhere doesn’t sound like a common threat, but it’s hard to make your life even objectively worse here.” There was another reason she couldn’t afford to be missing, and for a long time. It was me. The first thing she thought of was what she might say to me, before she took off and disappeared herself without knowing how long. And I don’t think she could come up with anything coherent or believable. After all, to this day, mom honestly believed that I was completely unaware of what was going on with her. It was this thought that stopped her at that moment, for it would have been a great shame for her to reveal her position to her son. She stood silently with her back to the boys, unable to take the last few steps.

– What are you standing there for? – reminded the stubby one, – Come on, get out of here.

Another 30 seconds of hush and the silence was cut by a short, quiet sob. Mom stood there, clenching her fists, while tears ran down her cheeks. Tears of her powerlessness and shame. She realized she wouldn’t take those few measly steps anymore, she just couldn’t. Only she knew the real reason why she couldn’t leave, but in the eyes of the boys her action just looked like fear and helplessness. And mom understood that very well.

– So you refuse to go out? – the hairy one asked gloatingly.

Mom cried harder in response, apparently remembering what the second requirement was. She lowered her head and closed her eyes for two seconds. When she opened them, she took a few short steps back. Of course, she lacked any inner strength to turn around completely. And so, taking small steps, she returned to her previous position. In front of her stood that guy again.

– Wow, that’s willpower! Amazing!, – he said with an obvious sneer and clapping his hands.

“Fuck, what an embarrassment. Just a fucking lowlife embarrassment. Come on, come on, mommy, keep going. At this rate, you’ll soon be sucking off bums at the dump for free,” – I seriously resented – “And for a second I even believed that you could show them all how wrong they were. But no. Instead, you’ve once again shown just how low your self-esteem can fall.”

At this point, mom’s crying broke up even more at the boy’s words and the mocking laughter of his companions. Unable to raise her head, mom stared at the floor that was blurred due to the tears in her eyes.

– Let’s go on, – the hairy guy changed his tone to a more serious one.

She tensed up and seemed to want to say something, but she realized how embarrassed she looked. Obviously slowing down, delaying the moment, mom tried to wipe away the endless tears. But, apparently, she soon realized that it couldn’t get any worse and she had no choice. She somehow powerlessly lowered her hands, although she still had them clenched into fists, and, without taking her eyes off the floor, began to bend her knees in a humiliating way. The floor quite quickly became much closer than it had been. Mom completely locked her legs together with her knees bent, resting her ass on top of them. It seems that over the past few months, this shameful pose had become more habitual and routine for her than any other. That moment completely characterized for me mom’s current situation: no matter how much you resist, no matter how proud you are, and no matter how much you try to fight back, sooner or later it will lead to one single outcome: you will be forced to your knees.

But mom’s shame didn’t end there either, of course. As soon as she was down, the same voice came over her:

– I’m waiting for an apology.

Mom all somehow squeezed and, suppressing a cry, quietly said:

– I’m sorry…

– What’s that? Louder! – shouted the hairy one, putting his hand to his ear.

– I’m sorry, – my mom said again, a little louder.

There was a pause of a few seconds, which was broken by the boy:

– Fucking go on! Ask for forgiveness so that I will forgive you, otherwise you’ll leave today, bitch!

Mom still didn’t look up. And after another ten seconds of silence, some pathetic words of apology began to come out of her. “So what’s it like, mommy, huh? How does it feel to sit and apologize on your knees to an asshole you practically insulted a few minutes ago? Fucking humiliated. I wish you hadn’t made a big deal out of it then, since you can’t stand up to them,” – I thought, in a real rage. I can’t say that I didn’t like what was happening. Like, seeing my mom being humiliated was one of the best things I’d ever seen. But what really pissed me off was that every time my mom tried to somehow object and resist and turn up her proud nose, she ended up just embarrassing herself more each time in front of the crowd of teenagers laughing at her. Think about it, even the kids are laughing at your pride, mommy. Pathetic bitch. They didn’t even take her “rebellion” seriously. Rather, it was just another amusement for them, because they knew that in the end they would bring mom to her knees anyway.
For about 10 minutes my mother, with some stops due to suppressed crying and making up new words, apologized to this kid. It was so humiliating that some of the guys watching from the side covered their faces with their hands, as if to show that even just watching could not stand this wave of shame. At this time someone phoned the guy in charge and he left the room.

Finally, the hairy guy said:

– Well, all right. I’m not forgiving you yet. For that you need to do one more thing, I hope you remember. That your apology was just an admission to my cock.

Of course, mom remembered everything perfectly. With what seemed like tremendous force, she began to lift her head and her eyes, all this time still on the floor. As she lifted them, she came face to face with the cock of the guy standing almost point-blank to her. Fully aroused and shaking slightly. Mom could distinctly smell his foul odor. The smell of cock. The odor she associated with the huge shame that had been heaped upon her. And she breathed it in, breathed it in with every nostril that was a little clogged from crying. No matter how she wrinkled her nose, she could smell it. It was the smell of her humiliation. It was times like this that I, unlike Mom, was truly content. The stinking cock of a fifteen year old bullying bastard was what mommy really deserved. And while I wish she would have fought back this time, I was still glad she got what she deserved in the end.

– I’ll only let you kiss it for now, you’re not worthy of licking it yet, – the guy said pathosy.

“Wow, mom, now you must be worthy of licking some bastard’s cock. Congratulations. I hope your pride and self-respect are satisfied.”

Mom pressed her lips together, holding herself back from trivializing her tears. Covering her mouth with her hand, she exhaled convulsively several times, suppressing another wave of tears. Then she pulled her hand away and stretched her lips out a little.

– Right in the top, bitch, – the boy commanded.

Mom lifted her head a little more and her trembling lips gently touched the teenager’s cock.

– Again!

She kissed him lightly again.

– And again!

Pre-seminal fluid oozed from his cock, so with the next kiss, it stayed on mom’s lips.

– Lick it, bitch. Lick it like it’s your most delicious meal of your life, – the hairy guy continued to say in a commanding voice.

Mom sighed deeply and sadly, but obediently licked her lips, running her tongue first underneath and then over the top.

– Next! One more time! No reminders now. Kiss only the head until I give you permission to kiss anything else. And don’t forget to lick your lips every time, you must keep them clean for my little friend.

Mom didn’t even think of resisting, she was too far gone in her shame. At most, she only showed how disgusted she was, but continued to comply with the instruction. She kissed the top of his cock, pulled back a little, licked her lips and did it all over again. In all, she had to touch her lips to his cock head about 70 times. On the 71st time, the guy started talking again:

– Okay, now kiss wherever you want, one condition: every third kiss must be on the balls. Is that clear? Go on.

Mom moved and now kissed the cock itself. By the third kiss, as instructed, she moved lower and touched his shaved balls with her lips. From all the many kisses, mom’s lips were reddened and slightly swollen. I’m sure receiving kisses with such soft lips was incredibly pleasurable.

This went on for about 10 more minutes. At one point, when mom was touching his balls again, the patty ordered her to hold them back and not remove them. And just like that, mom sat like that for almost 20 seconds without removing her lips from his balls. A grown woman sat there, crying, keeping her tired lips on the balls of the fifteen-year-old abusing her bastard. Could mom have ever imagined that this woman would be her? And could I have wished her a better fate? No, I think it was perfect here.

– Okay, all right. Now you can start licking. But sometimes mix it up with kissing, okay? You can’t let lips like that go to waste.

After that command, mom’s trembling tongue came out. She stuck it out just a little and still couldn’t touch my dick.

– Pull your tongue out harder, you stupid bitch, and get on with it!

Mom twitched a little, retracted her tongue back, swallowing saliva and probably still some of the remaining pre-cum fluid, and then stuck it out already noticeably more. After hesitating, she made the first tentative movement and ran her tongue along the length of his cock. Then came another movement, followed by the next, and now mom was already licking the offender’s device. The balls, of course, were not left without attention either, and she began to lick them as well. Occasionally she would interrupt for kisses and then pull her tongue out again. In the process, she often closed her eyes, unable to look at her own shame, replaying the whole situation over and over in her head.

After a few more minutes, the guy helped himself a little with his hand and cummed a lot. He did it quite unexpectedly, so that mom did not have time to remove her tongue to the end and some of the semen fell on him. The rest of it splashed all over her face. At the end, guy pointed his cock right into her and gave the final salvo. The semen that got on her tongue and later in her mouth, mom even swallowed without a command, so much she was humiliated. After waiting for the guy to finish, mom, with her face covered in cum, sadly settled down. She brought her hands together and again stared silently at the floor. The humiliation she felt this time was so intense that she couldn’t even wipe the semen off her face. “You should look in the mirror right now, mommy. You should be able to see the face of your pride, because that’s exactly what it is – in tears and cum.”

After a while, when mom was about to be lifted up for the next task, the chief returned.

– My friend called me now, – he began, – He has a birthday party this weekend, that is the day after tomorrow. He invited us. His parents are away and left him their whole cottage, rich assholes, what can I say. He invited a bunch of people there. I told him I’d bring a whore maid to clean up the shit and do body work when needed. So you got even less time to work your ass off, bitch. You gotta do it today and tomorrow. You don’t have any other option, if you can’t make it before the first working day, you’ll go in your used socks and bra.

Mom was obviously not satisfied with what she heard, but she couldn’t do anything.

While she continued to be dragged to the bed, I, in a flurry of anger towards my mom, had the thought: “If you don’t even respect yourself, why the fuck should I worry about it? Now I want to have fun too. Let’s make your life a little harder now, mommy. Try to get out of it.” While I was thinking it over, the guy in charge had already told the condition for practicing the next thing. The next thing was pants. To get them, mom had to get a load of sperm from all the guys present straight into her uterus in 20 minutes. So, ideally, she would have to wiggle her ass to get it all in. This element of clothing was understandably one of the key elements, and mom was going to have to do a lot of work if she didn’t want to flaunt her socks and bra on the street.

It was decided to fuck her standing up. Mom was forced to put her hands on the bed and spread her legs. While they were giving her the right position and deciding who would be first, I called the guy in charge:

– Listen, if I call my mom now, would you mind? Would you give her your phone?

– Well, she’s a little busy around here. I don’t know.

– It’s okay, it’s even better.

– What’s wrong with you? – surprised the chief.

– She pissed me off, that’s all. I won’t go into details. So, will you give her the phone?

– Okay, call if you want.

I dropped the number of the guy in charge and started calling my mom’s number. Meanwhile, the first guy for mom had already been picked. He had one of the longest and fattest dicks of the bunch. As soon as he started to attach himself to mom’s hole, her phone rang. Mom, recognizing her ringtone, somehow perked up and shook her head excitedly. The chief handed her the phone with the words:

– Here, son is calling. It’s about time, isn’t it?

Mom’s face instantly turned from excited to panicked. She immediately, without any commands or threats, begged with all her might to be left for just 5 minutes.

– Is there nothing else you want, bitch? Either pick up the phone or I’m dropping it,- the man in charge spoke indignantly, – By the way, your 20 minutes are starting.
Mom was getting even more worried, because the call could be dropped at any second, and no one would let her call back. So she picked up the phone and answered it. Managing to adjust her voice so I couldn’t hear her incessant crying, I heard a tentative “hello” in the receiver.

– Hey. How are you doing? I didn’t see you for a long time, – I started the conversation with a routine question.

Of course, I didn’t care what to talk about, the most important thing for me was to get my mom talking as much as possible. The guy who had previously had his dick in mom’s vagina competently waited until mom started to answer me. At that very moment, just as she uttered the first word, he deliberately hard and roughly inserted his cock all the way in. Because of its size, it instantly pressed into mom’s uterus and penetrated her, obviously giving her a far from pleasant sensation. Mom interrupted and, gathering all her willpower, stood on her toes and held back that nearly unleashed scream. When I saw on the cameras the reason for her interruption, I asked a provocative question:

– Are you all right?

Mom, managing to unclench her teeth, began to ineptly excuse herself, saying she had just almost slipped.

– Almost slipped? Be more careful, please. Or soon you won’t feel safe at home, – I continued, – So how are you doing, you didn’t answer? What are you doing?

Even before her ridiculous answer, the guy started his movements, and began to bang my mom’s vagina. Talking in a calm voice while you’re being brutally raped with a cock shoved all the way into your uterus is hardly possible. Mom wasn’t very good at it. The guy was clearly not going to hold back, and with pleasure turned mom’s uterus into a punching bag with the help of his cock.

Her voice shook and changed pitch with almost every word, not to mention the moans she could barely suppress. On top of that, the sounds of the guy’s torso smashing into her ass time after time were clearly audible on the phone. Even if I imagine I wouldn’t have known the whole situation, it would have taken a complete idiot not to figure it out. As my mom continued to mumble something into the phone, I, completely oblivious to what she was saying, thought only one thing: “Do you really think I’m that stupid? I can fucking hear you moaning, I can hear your ass springing from his torso! Are you really that naive? Or are you just convincing yourself that I really have no chance of understanding? In that case, I don’t even know which is worse.”

The guys talking in the background weren’t exactly keeping their voices down. So here, too, I decided to keep my mom on point, and as soon as she was done talking, I asked the next question:

– What are those voices in the background? Are they guests of some sort?

Even through all of her somehow restrained moans, I could hear this swallowing lump of fear rising up in her throat. She was panicking as she thought of an answer. The hard pounding of her uterus was making it incredibly hard to think of anything. And mom couldn’t think of anything better than to say she was watching a movie. After that, I could clearly hear the laughter of the guys who’d been amused by mom’s answer. I could barely contain it myself. “Oh yeah, terrific excuse, mommy. Bravo! Great improvisation,” – I thought.

We talked for another 7 minutes. I asked various banal questions, each time forcing my mom to answer something. And at the very end, when the dialog was clearly coming to its logical conclusion, I decided to finish her off with the “joker”. “Come on, mom, parry this one.”

– I’ll come by tomorrow. I need to pick up some stuff, and I haven’t seen you in a while.
Even on the cameras at that moment, I could clearly see the sweat appearing on mom’s forehead. And the sweat was not because of the vagina that had been poking out all this time. She was literally cornered, because she had already refused to let me come some time ago and to refuse again would be suspicious. Plus even she realized that theoretically I could hear some sounds in the background and atypical changes in her voice.

At that same moment, as luck would have it, the guy was at his limit. He made a few more moves and, pushing his cock in as far as it would go, began to cum. A stream of hot semen rushed inside mom, filling to the limit and burning her frustrated womb. Mom could feel his nasty cum enveloping and filling her entire space. The guy’s cock was pushed to the limit, all the way to the far side of her poor womb, where he continuously injected endless semen into her. By some Herculean effort she was able to hold back her moans and screams. Mom gritted her teeth and stood on her toes again, tears welling up in her eyes again. In this position where she had to restrain herself, endure the rape, come up with answers to my questions while trying not to get caught, and now she had to take the cum inside her, mom’s thoughts were getting really messed up. Even her legs were shaking from the exertion. She could barely concentrate enough to give me an answer, but she couldn’t think of any, so she just said yes.

– Great. I’ll see you tomorrow then, – I said a quick goodbye and ended the call.

“Gotcha! Now we’ll see what you do. You can’t let me come to the apartment you live in with a whole bunch of teenagers, can you? Besides, you don’t even have any clothes on. You’re gonna meet me in a bra and socks? I don’t mind, but I don’t think you’d accept it. So think, mommy, do something out of it.” Mom, seeing that the call was over, threw the phone back on the bed, as if it was hot and burned her hand, then put her palm in the vagina area and everyone heard her all this time held back crying, moaning and screaming. The guy still didn’t pull his cock out, continuing to mash the already frustrated and cum-pumped poor mom’s pussy.

When he was done, mom only had 10 minutes left for the remaining 7 horny teenagers to cum inside her. The next guy was instantly attached. But he refused to move. Mom looked at him half-turned as he inserted his cock and froze.

– Work, work, bitch. You take it from here, – he said to her.

Rolling her tear-filled eyes in frustration, mom turned away and moved her hips back and forth, pushing her vagina onto his cock.

– Move it, asshole. You’ve only got ten minutes left, and there’s a whole line behind me, – the teen reminded mom by spanking her ass.

And mom really began to move more intensely. After all, she was well aware of what was at stake. In addition, her head was occupied with thoughts of what to do with tomorrow, because it was simply impossible to come up with an excuse for the crowd of teenagers hanging out in your apartment.

After about four more minutes, the guy was able to cum. After shamefully taking his cum inside her as well, mom looked at her watch. 6 minutes for 6 teenagers is just physically unrealistic. Slowly turning her head away from the clock, mom’s face darkened again with a frustrated cry. She sat down so her feet were on the floor and her torso lay on the bed. Dropping her face into it, she continued to sob inconsolably, realizing that she wasn’t going to get the pants anymore.

– What? Too much for you, bitch? You can’t handle 6 dicks in 6 minutes? – the chief gloated, – Well, congratulations, you’re out of pants. That’s all right. But imagine the excitement around you when everyone sees your juicy ass walking around the city naked.

He seemed to make my mom cry even louder.

– All right, stop it. You’ve still got a lot of things to do.

When the sweaty hands of the two guys began to lift mom up, she turned to the main guy.

– What about tomorrow? Can I be alone tomorrow? I… I beg you. I’ll work it off, – mom said almost choking.

– Why the fuck would you ask that? Have you lost your fear?
Of course, the chief knew what the reason was, but he was deliberately dragging the answer out of mom.

– The son is coming tomorrow. He can’t know. I’m begging you.

The main one thought about it and some idea flashed in his eyes, which made him glow. However, he continued talking calmly.

– You don’t have any clothes. Well, how not. You can meet him in a bra and socks, what’s it to me.

Mom ran her eyes and after a few seconds issued:

– A robe. At least let me have a robe. Just… For one day.

– A robe means, – the main one pondered, – In my plans it was not included, but … All right. But you know, you’ll have to ask for it.

Mom nodded sadly. It didn’t seem to matter to her at that moment how much she had to grovel. She had to meet me at least in a decent state of appearance, no matter what the cost.

– “To my leg, – the chief commanded.

Mom went to him and knelt down. I don’t think she’d ever been down that fast before. The guy unzipped his pants and put his cock in front of mom’s face.

– Suck it, – he said in the same commanding voice.

Still visibly reluctant, mom took the cock into her mouth almost without delay. The guy didn’t help her at all. Mom was pushing it down her throat on her own. She squeezed and pushed. She knew she would be forced to suck it like that anyway, so she decided to do it all herself and as quickly as possible. “‘Blowjob for a robe, mom? Sounds almost like a slogan to your whole current life.” Occasionally she would interrupt, taking a few deep breaths, but then she would again pull her mouth over her master’s device. When he realized he was about to cum, he made my mom stop. Next he ordered her to sit up, straightening her back and placing her palms in a boat-like fashion. Of course, mom understood why this shape was necessary, but obediently put her hands up. After a few seconds, the guy in charge’s cum spurted right into her palms, except that a couple drops got on her face and body. There was quite a lot of cum coming out, so there was even a small puddle in her hands. Mom raised a misunderstanding look at the guy in charge, receiving a command in return:

– Dip your face in there and lick it clean.

Mom lowered her eyes back down, looking at the white, thick mass in her palms with obvious disgust. When she brought her face slightly closer, she could distinctly smell that familiar odor. Overcoming her disgust, she lowered her face further and touched it with her tongue. A drop of cum was on it and mom brought her tongue back with it. The nasty taste of the hated cum spread across her mouth and throat again as she swallowed it. With a slight twitch, mom lowered her head to her folded palms again and began scooping up the seed with her tongue. At one point, gathering her strength and deciding to end it quickly, she leaned her lips fully against her palms and swallowed all the semen in one go. She swallowed it disgustedly and had to lick her lips, which were covered with the white residue, on command.
– Open your mouth and show us all that you have swallowed the whole thing, – said the chief.

Taking a final sip, mom forcefully opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.

– Clear, not a single drop. I’ll give you a robe for tomorrow, and I’ll give you some socks and a bra too. But I guess that’s not all, is it? You want us gone too, don’t you?

– Yes, – mom answered a little uncertainly and apprehensively.

– Well, that can be arranged. But in that case, you’ll have a special task.

Then his face brightened again and he came up with the idea he had prepared:

– I’ll give you an earpiece and I’ll be in touch with you at all times. And in some arbitrary moments I will tell you to perform some action and you will be obliged to fulfill it at the cost of everything. If you don’t, we’ll burst into the apartment, tell your son everything, and we’ll cum on your face in front of him.

My mom was understandably tense, for she couldn’t imagine what kind of tasks she might be assigned in front of me. “Wow, that’s an interesting one he came up with. Maybe I should make a list of tasks for him to give her tomorrow.”.

– You’re gonna have to hide the collar somehow, too, by the way. Under your robe or something, I don’t know. But I’m not gonna let you take it off under any circumstances.

Mom was visibly nervous about what was coming, but she was a little relieved that she would have something to wear in front of me.

Having resolved all the issues with tomorrow, mom began to be fucked one by one by those whose turn had not come during the previous task with pants. Overexcited and angry because of the waiting, the guys did not feel sorry for the tired mom, whipping her cheeks and pouring more and more cum into her ass and vagina.

At that time I was already thinking about tomorrow, anticipating it and actively writing out on a piece of paper a list of tasks that I would like the chief to give to my mom.

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