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A dun night hanging out with us 11 year old daughter, 11 year old Ebony, and 12 year old Jade leads to a night to remember

Seeing the girls after what I had seen through Kelly’s window, I saw all three of them differently, luckily I didn’t show what I was thinking, able to act normal whole they were in the room. I gave into their dinner request and ordered pizza. As they ate, they talked, talked a lot. Suddenly they cane to the consensus that they wanted to have prom night. I was scared to find out what that was.

When the food was gone, the three of them rushed off to Kelly’s room, I could hear them talking excitedly and laughing from down the hall in the closed room. I poured a drink and sat down to try and watch TV. An hour passed from the time they disappeared until they all emerged wearing Kelly’s dresses. Ebony had on a short white body forming dress. Her ass and breasts looked amazing. She was in full makeup, had her hair done and was in a pair of Kelly’s heels. Jade wore a red knee length body forming dress. Being the busiest, the site of them in the dress and the curve at her waist gave me an instant hard on, she looked easily 16 or 17 in her make up.

Kelly wore her favorite pink body forming dress that reached mid thigh. Her legs looked amazing, the wedge heels making her legs look even better. In full make up she was stunning, her hair pulled up into a bun. I was suddenly scared for the eventual real prom night to arrive.

The girls pretty much took over the living room, turning off the TV and putting on music. I was not a dancer and just preferred being a spectator. Kelly walked over at one point to hug me and asked “can we get into my stash?”. Being the lenient dad who let Kelly get away with about anything, I had been buying her wine coolers for the last year.

“I don’t know if your friends can handle it” I replied

“Drinking, hell yes I can” Ebony spoke up

“Me too, daddy let me start drinking his beers when I was 10”

“Alright then, go ahead but don’t tell anyone” luckily I had recently gotten a fresh case for her when I went shopping

Watching the girls dance in the middle of the living room was better than any TV show I could have watched. How did girls this young know moves that were so sexy? When Ebony and Kelly danced together it showed the spark between them. Kelly with her back to Ebony grinding her ass against her friend. Jade’s moves were just as sexy, she just danced a little less. When not dancing, she sat on the couch. I had taken my drink and moved to the couch so that she had someone to talk to

A slow song came on at one point. Ebony and Kelly turned to each other and embraced, dancing together. Jade sat beside me, Kelly looked over at us “Daddy dance with Jade”

“You know i don’t dance” I replied, even though I wanted to

“Come on, i don’t want to be left out on prom night” Jade said with a puppy dog eyes look

I gave in and stood. Jade looked so beautiful and when her arms draped over my shoulders, I put mine around her waist, it did feel good dancing with such a beautiful and busty young girl. She rested her head on me. I looked over at Kelly who gave me an approving smile. The song didn’t last as long as I would have liked.

When the song ended, a faster one came on. I was going to return to sitting but Ebony told me no, it was my turn to dance with her.

“I don’t know how:

“Just mkve your feet to the beat, I’ll do the rest” she said as she pulled me to the middle of the room.

Ebony turned her back to me, started to dance as seductively as she did with Kelly. My moves were simple, her ass grinding against me. I know she felt the bulge in my jeans as she grinded, my arms went around her and I was loosening up, starting to enjoy dancing. Ebony pushed my hands up to her breasts. They felt so good in my hands, Kelly watched and didn’t seem to mind what she was seeing.

When the girls decided to play the last song of the night, they put on another slow song. I was dancing with Jade again. I loved that pur height difference allowed me to see her cleavage as we danced. She had become more irresistible as the night went on, my mind had been flashing back to seeing her naked through the window. Jade pressed herself against me as we danced, pressing her pelvis against the bulge in my jeans. I looked over at Kelly and Ebony who were dancing and kissing, they looked so good.together.

When the song ended, Kelly pulled Ebony towards her room. Jade and I were still embraced in the middle of the living room. Kelly just gave me smile and kept walking. A moment later i was alone with Jade

“You aren’t going to follow them?”

“No, we both know what they are gong to be doing. I like being here with you” no music was playing but we were still swaying as if there was “how can such a great guy be single?”

“Because I haven’t met anyone with qualities like yours” I replied, she moved her head from my chest and looked up at me “Beautiful, sweet, smart, and caring”

“You think I’m beautiful?”

“You are beautiful inside and out. I wish I was closer to your age, i would ask you out in a heartbeat”

“Can you say it again?” Her eyes were softer now

“Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful” I started to say, when I said it the third time, Jade raised up on her toes and kissed me.

I had wanted this all day and it was really happening, I was kissing Jade, our tongues swirling in theirnown dance, her body felt so good in my arms, her breasts pressed against my chest. Our kiss grew more intense and I slid my hands down to her ass, lifting her. Jade wrapped her perfect legs around me, her hands cupping the back of my head.

I backed to the couch and sat down, her on my lap the way Mira had been just last week. My hands moved up her back and I found the top of the zipper. Lowering it all the way, I pulled the dress down and off of her arms. Jade had no bra on. Her breasts just as perfect as when I had spied on the girls, now there was no glass separating us. She smiled at me in a seductive way. I leaned to her and started to kiss her chest as my hands fondled her tits, her nipples hardening against my hands. My lips moved to one of her nipples and started to circle it with my tongue

“Baby yes, baby yes” Jade moaned as she started to move her hips back and forth on my bulge. Her hands undid the buttons of my shirt and pushed it off of my shoulders. My lips moved back to her mouth and we resumed kissing, her soft breasts felt so good against my chest.

Jade broke from the kiss and started to kiss my chest as she slid fron my lap, kissing to my stomach as she dropped to her knees in front of me. Her kisses reached the waist of my jeans and she undid them. She gripped the denim ans I lifted my ass, allowing her to pull them down a little. My hard cock free and hard

“Oh my god you have a nice cock” she said in a sexy tone as her hands explored my shaft “I love it” her lips moved to the head.

Jade kissed and teased my cock with her tongue with the same intensity as her kiss. She smiled up at me before taking it in her mouth. It was obvious that she had done this before. Her mouth bobbed up and down the shaft, her hand stroked it. I laid my head back and moaned happily.

Jade finally took my cock from her mouth and I looked down as she moved her breasts to my cock and took my shaft between them. Pressing her breasts together, she began to stroke my cock with her nice breasts. She looked down and started to lick the head as she continued stroking me.

Jade released her breasts and raised up on her knees, her hand extended ans I took it, as Jade pulled me to the floor, she turned to all fours, her ass toward me. I pulled the dress up to her waist and looked at her gorgeous ass cheeks in her white thong. I leaned down and started to kiss each aßls cheek, my hands gently gripping the white waistband, pulling her thong down her perfect legs and off of her. She still wore her high heels. I slid my fingers to her pussy ans started to rub it, she was so wet to my touch, her moans sounded so beautiful. I lowered to the floor and slid my head under her. Holding her hips, I pulled her pussy to my mouth. Jade’s moans grew louder as I started to eat her out. Her pussy tasted amazing. Jade rose to her knees, her hands cupping her breasts as her hips moved slowly back and forth.

“I’m gonna cum baby, I’m gonna cum on your mouth baby” Jade started to moan happily after just a couple of minutes.

My lips moved to her clit and I started to suck hard on her clit, her moans grew louder, she leaned back, her head tilted and looking at the ceiling. I gave her clit all I had and then she came, her juices running from her pussy into my mouth. Her body spasming as she came. When it finally stopped, she looked at me, smiling with a glazed look in her eyes

“Fuck me doggy style” she said and moved off of me

Jade was back on all fours, I rose to my knees behind her. Lining the head of my cock up with her opening, I started to push. Jade was tight, and after a few tries, I began to slide in, she was so warm, so wet, I couldn’t believe that I was with my second preteen in a weeks time. My cock was soon buried all the way inside of her

“Don’t hold back baby, fuck the shit out of me” she looked back at me, I couldn’t believe how good her dirty talk sounded.

I started with long slow thrusts, just loving the feel of her pussy around my cock. I started to speed up as I held her hips. Jade moaned happily “Yes baby, fuck my aunt, fuck it, make me your whore daddy”

My thrusts picked up speed, her moans grew louder, our skin made a slapping sound each time my hips hit her ass. “Yes daddy, fuck it, fuck me, spank me” she wasn’t holding back her noise level, I knew Kelly and Ebony heard us.

I did as she pleased, giving her ass a slap “harder daddy”, so I spanked her ass harder as I thrusted faster and harder into her. Jade began pushing back as I thrusted forward. “I’m gonna cum again” she started to cry out. Jade dropped her chest to the floor, her body shaking and her pussy tightening on my cock. I thrusted even harder as she came, which made her moans now almost screams of excitement

I wanted to fuck her all night long, my body had other ideas. I felt my orgasm start to build quickly. When I told her I was about to cum she replied with “I’m on birth control cum inside ot me”

My thrusts slowed as I got closer to cumming, then the feeling overtook me and my load erupted into her perfect 12 year old pussy. Jade felt it and pushed back against me, moaning happily. The orgasm was so strong that I was bent over Jade. She rose back up and I held her tits in my hands until the last wave of my orgasm subsided.

Pulling out of her, we collapsed to the floor facing each other. We resumed kissing, then just laid there looking in each other eyes. The couch was close to us, so I reached up and grabbed the first two throw pillows I could grab. Then a throw blanket of Kelly’s. I laid on my back, mynhead on the pillow, Jade laid with her head on my chest, her breasts against my skin. Fucking had drained our energy and we fell asleep on the floor.

When I awoke, Jade was still in my arms and light from outside had filled the room. It took a moment to realize where I was and what had happened. Jade was still naked except for the dress around her waist and her high heels still on. I slid out from under her and pulled my jeans up.

Kelly was in the kitchen, coffee was brewing when I entered. There was a moment of silent awkwardness, then Kelly smiled at me

“Looks like you had some fun last night”

“I don’t know what happened”

“I do, I heard it all, don’t worry, I won’t tell and I’m not mad. I can tell you two are into each other. Just be careful” she said and kissed me on the cheek before leaving the toom. I watched her ass move as she left the room in just her panties and a sports bra.

Sitting down with my coffee, I opened my phone to find numerous texts from Mira from the night before. There was no way I could tell her I fucked Jade, so I lied and said I had been called into work. Sitting there sipping coffee, I closed my eyes ans let my.mind replay fucking Jade on the living room floor

Ro be continued

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