Cousin J finds a dumpster to take our fun to the next level Sex Stories Cool – Y2Stories.Com

Dumpster diving takes a sexual turn and a long drive home turns into one last hurrah for Cousin J and I.

It started like any other trip outside the house, when J came over. We were out, and somehow managed to find a place to take our fucking to the next level. J asked to play “hide and go seek” and sure enough I agreed, and found her in a dumpster, and it was mostly empty giving us plenty of room to do whatever we wanted, and luckily for me J wanted me to hide something between her legs, and anywhere else I wanted.

So, we were fiucking for about 10 minutes in this dumpster, when she decided to take a box from a big screen tv, and put it over both of us which being that we were both relatively short, it worked to perfection.

She used this time to use my cock as it was a never ending popsicle, and sucked as much cum from me as she could. She wanted to show me as much of her newfound talents from all of our previous fuck sessions that she could remember and finally said “My ass needs to be given that monster” and she took her plump little ass and jiggled it onto my cock and let out primal screams in orgasm. She did this for another sold 10 minutes, or more and kept going. She eventually decided it was time to get some pleasure of her own outside of what she was getting from my cock and jump off of me, threw me down against this huge box we were inside, and sat on my face as I ate like an expensive dinner. I finally decided it was time to cum, and blew a huge load that never seemed like it was going to stop inside her pussy,

We kept going back, and forth and did some more fucking until we heard a noise coming from close by, stopped and waited what seemed forever but was probably 5 minutes for who, or whatever it was to go away.

We decided after the close call to stop our fucking, quickly got dressed again and went to the find the rest of the people we were, with the dripping load I left in her pussy. The ride home was as boring as we could expect but J continued the work she had started with me as people quickly found their way to bed. She took control the entire night as we knew it might be the last time we did anything.

Sure enough…. It was but what a time it was…..

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