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When a woman can’t get pregnant with her husband, she turns to her father in law.

Belinda is a 26 year old beautiful woman who is married to Carl who is 27 years old. Belinda has been trying to get pregnant for the past two years. They have been to several doctors and she is fertile as they come however Carl has what is known as weak swimmers and most of the time his spearm dies before they ever reach the egg.

They have tried different medications and positions and still no luck. Belinda is desperate for a child and Carl wants one as well but they can’t afford the very expensive options that might work but there’s no guarantee.

Finally Carl just gets tired of trying and buries himself in his work which keeps him away from home a lot. Belinda is left alone most of the time and is starting to resent Carl for basically abandoning her and their hopes of having children.

One day as she is sitting at home crying and she hears a knock at the door. She tries to wipe the tears from her eyes and face before opening the door. James, her father in law, was standing at the door and had come by for a visit as Carl was usually home at this time of the day.

“What’s wrong Belinda? Why are you crying? Where’s Carl?” James asked as he stepped inside.

Belinda immediately fell into James’ arms and began to sob loudly. He just held her as she continued to cry uncontrollably. She finally got it mostly out and then apologized profusely.

“I am so sorry James, I didn’t mean to break down on you. I am just so depressed and disappointed with your son Carl.” She said as she began crying again as she walked over to the couch and sat down.

James followed her and sat down beside her and pulled her to him as he tried to console her.

“What has he done to upset you like this?” James asked as he rubbed her back.

Belinda pulled back from James and looked at him.

“You know that we have been trying to have a baby, but his sperm is so weak that it’s basically impossible for him to impregnated me. He has basically given up on the baby and me. He stays at work all the time and I am left alone!” She said as she tried to keep from breaking down again.

“Have you tried doctors, tried talking to Carl?” James asked.

“We have tried everything. We can’t afford the expensive options and even if we could they are not guaranteed to work.” She replied as she dropped her head down.

James sat there in silence as he listened to Belinda sob. He loved her and his son and he was actually looking forward to being a grandpa. He couldn’t understand why his son couldn’t get her pregnant as the first time that he had tried to get his wife pregnant, it only took one time.

Of course James’ wife and Carl’s mother passed away from cancer a year ago. So James has been on his own for the past year.

“I sure wish that there was something that I could do for you Belinda. I hate seeing you this way. Do you think that if I talked to Carl about this that maybe he would come around?” He asked.

“Thank you James for the offer but it’s no use. I’m convinced that he has given up completely. He won’t even sleep in the same bed with me when he does come home.” She replied as she continued to sob.

“Well I am so sorry, he definitely didn’t take after me in that department!” He said before he realized what he was saying.

Belinda looked at him and he thought that she took it the wrong way.

“I’m sorry Belinda, that didn’t come out right. I didn’t mean…” He tried to finish but trailed off.

She was looking at him and he could see that see was deep in thought about something.

“James I need to ask you something and I hope that you don’t think that I am a terrible person for this!” She said as her eyes pleaded with him.

“What is it?” James asked as he was still worried about what he said.

Belinda placed her hand on James’ leg as she turned towards him.

“James I am wondering if you would be willing to impregnate me?” She asked as she slowly moved her hand up his leg.

James sat there stunned by what he heard. Did she just ask him to impregnate her?

“You are Carl’s father and you both basically have the same DNA so technically it would be from Carl’s bloodline! I know that you have not had any sex since your wife passed away and I bet that your sperm are extremely potent.” She said as she leaned closer to him.

James’ cock was responding to her touch on his leg and he could smell her fragrance. She had a low cut blouse on which showed off her generous cleavage that definitely revealed more as she leaned over towards him.

“I….We……You……” He stammered as her hand reached his hard throbbing cock in his pants.

“James I know that you are worried about Carl and how it might be a problem but I promise you that he will never know about this and I promise you that I will make it worth your while!” She said as she began to stroke his cock with her hand.

“I bet it’s been a long time since he’s been in a hot wet tight pussy!” She purred as she leaned over and kissed his cock through his pants.

James groaned deeply as she wore down his resolve. He wanted to get up and leave but his cock had taken over his brain.

Belinda sat up and kissed him deeply and passionately as she continued to massage his cock through his pants. James wrapped his arms around her and pulled her tight against his body.

“I will take that as a yes!” She said as she began to remove her clothes. James watched as she stood up and stripped off her clothes. The gorgeous tits that he got a peek at was now standing proudly on her chest. 38DD tits with large areolas and big fat nipples.

She slid off her pants and underwear and revealed her shaved pussy that was dripping wet. There was a large string of her grool that connected her pussy to her leg. James groaned as her aroma filled his nostrils and he immediately pulled her pussy to his face. She screamed out in pleasure as he drove his tongue deep into her soaking wet tight little pussy.

She grabbed his head as he slurped her nectar like a starving animal. It had been so long since she had a tongue in her pussy. Carl wasn’t much of a pussy eater but he definitely didn’t get that from James either. She worked her pussy all over his face.

After she had orgasmed several times she pulled her pussy from his face and stood him up. Started stripping off his clothes and she dropped to her knees as she pulled off his underwear revealing a fat 8 inch cock that was rock hard and dripping pre cum.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEEE JAMES! That’s another thing that didn’t get passed down to your son!” She said as she reached her fingers around his hard throbbing cock. She slowly stroked it and marveled at the size and the amount of pre cum that flowed from the tip.

She moaned as she took the fat purple head into her mouth. James groaned as she sucked hard on the head drawing out the pre cum. She began to bob her head up and down on his cock as he began to thrust into her mouth.


“I want to swallow your cum but I need your cum in my pussy. I need you to pump your baby making seed deep into my womb!” She groaned as she bent over completely bracing herself against the couch.

James looked at her bent over, her pussy completely on display and dripping wet. She looked over her shoulder and wiggled her ass.

“Plunge that gorgeous cock into my pussy and plow a garden and plant your seed Daddy!” She moaned.

That was absolutely the last straw. James growled as he stepped up behind Belinda’s upturned ass and drove balls deep into her hot wet tight little pussy.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS DADDY FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS!” She screamed as she felt his cock slice into her depths.

“HOLY FUUUUCCCCKKKKK SO FUCKING GOOD AND TIGHT!” James groaned as he felt her pussy clamp down on his cock.

James began to hammer into her soaking wet pussy from behind. She watched his balls full of his seed slap her clit with every thrust as she looked between her legs.

His cock reached areas that Carl had never been. James knew how to use his cock as well as he was hitting all the right spots in Belinda’s spasmodic pussy.

“OMFG DADDY BREED MEEEEEEEE!” She screamed as her orgasms racked her body over and over again.

James wanted to last longer but he hadn’t had any pussy for over a year and this pussy was sucking the cum from his balls.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK I’M GOING TO CUM!” He groaned as he gripped her hips and rolled his hips grinding into her tight little pussy.

“FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM DADDY! FUCK A BABY INTO MY WOMB!” She cried out as she orgasmed again even harder than before.

James grunted deeply as he felt his cock throb angrily as it spewed his incestuous seed deep into his daughter in law’s pussy. She moaned deeply as she felt every spurt spash her insides. He was coating her cervix with his seed.


James just stood there with his cock buried completely in her soaking wet pussy. She ground her pussy against his cock trying to get every single drop of his cum inside her.

She could feel his cum draining into her womb where it immediately coated her egg and she became pregnant on the first try. However she had already decided that she needed fucked again just to be on the safe side.

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