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I was resting out back with a glass of tea and soaking my feet in the pool.  Then I heard some shriek coming from the neighbor that lives in back of me. I went over and looked through the fence.  I saw such a beautiful sight. A beautiful little redheaded girl.   I thought to myself that this must be Grace.  The last time I saw her was about 4 years ago, she was about 6 years old then. That would make her about 10 years old now.  I remember because a lot of neighbors got together and I joined in, to build a friendly neighborhood fence.  It was 7 foot high and had gates connecting all the yards. If we ever wanted to have a large neighborhood picnic, All we would have to do is open our gates.

Anyway Grace was running back and forth jumping through a sprinkler.  She is growing up nicely. She has a slender body with some curves starting, a nice small round ass like a peach, some small little buds starting on her breast.  She is wearing a white bikini which is almost transparent when wet.  She has a mouth watering Camel Toe going.  I wanted to get my mouth on that Camel Toe so much.  Before I knew it I had my shorts down around my ankles and a firm grasp of my cock as I was stroking it.  I watched her through the fence for about a good 45 minutes.  Then I heard her mom ask Grace if she wanted to go to the mall with her. Grace said no, she wanted to stay home and play in the sprinkler.  Her mom said she would return home in about 3 – 4 hours.

After her mom drove away, Grace went and laid down on the yard lounge chair and took the sprinkler off of the water hose.  She then had it spray across her little pussy and she started to spread her legs wider apart and moan as she was rotating her pelvis around and around the end of the hose.  I found myself stroking my cock so fast that I ejaculated all over my side of the fence.  I felt my body go numb and my head was buzzing.  Without thinking I found myself opening up the gate and asking her if she wanted to play in my pool.

She looked very nervous like she was caught with her hand in the cookie jar.  As she dropped the water hose to the ground.  Then after I asked her if she wanted to play in the pool, she looked very relieved and jumped up and said yes as she ran into my yard.  She jumped into the pool and I followed her into the pool.  It didn’t take long until she was hanging on me and I was holding her near the deep end, with my hands on her ass.  I slowly moved my fingers over to her pussy and then I would start to move them into circles and massage her little pussy.

She  didn’t say anything as I did this. she just put her head on my shoulder and moved her pelvis back and forth on my fingers.  I felt my entire body tingle as my cock grew hard and stiff, my head went numb and before I knew what I was thinking I was carrying her into my house and then straight back to my room.  I stepped out of my shorts as I carried her down the hall to my bedroom.  I placed her down on the bed and removed my shirt.  Grace just laid on her back with her eyes wide open as she couldn’t take her eyes off of my cock.

I then pulled her bikini off of her as she was struggling to keep them on.  She was asking me what  I was doing as she cried.  She continued to ask me why I was doing this and to please let her go home.  As she was struggling to get away her hand smacked me in the face.  At that point I flipped her naked body over my lap with her little round ass sticking up and I started to spank her.  She just started screaming on top of her crying.

My cock felt like it was going to explode as it was pulsating so hard.  I could feel every little shiver she made intensified every time my hand came down on her sweet naked ass.  I was spanking her harder with every blow and her ass was shining with a bright crimson glow.  I then positioned her on the bed as I snuggled between her thighs and started to lick her tight little pussy.

After a few minutes she stopped crying.  She started moaning softly as she grinded her pussy into my face.  I slowly kissed up her belly to her sweet little lips stopping only for a moment as I suckled on her tiny breast. I then continued kissing up her neck to my final target, those sweet little lips and she appeared to enjoy kissing.  Then I slipped my tongue into her mouth and I think I shocked her when I did that. She stopped kissing and tried to push me away but I forced my tongue in her mouth and continued kissing her.  It didn’t take long until she was kissing me back tongue and all.

I then pushed her head down to my cock and I told her to kiss it.  She didn’t want to but it didn’t take much to get her to kiss it. She started with just a little kiss on the head and in time I had her licking and sucking it as her little hands were stroking and squeezing my hard rod and ball sac.  I was never this excited in my entire life.  I couldn’t believe this little 10 year old girl was rocking my world so much.  I wasn’t thinking straight, My head was numb and my body was tingling. While my cock was hard, hot, and pulsating inside of this little girl’s mouth.  I never wanted it to stop.  I then started to tickle her little clit with the tip of my tongue and this drove her crazy.  She was bucking and thrashing about as she grabbed my head and was pulling my face into her pussy.

I finally couldn’t hold back any I shot my load into her mouth and a lot went right down her throat.  She was coughing and gagging as my cum slid both down her throat and spewed out of her mouth.  She was trying to push my cock away from her mouth as I was trying to force it back in.  I was still shooting loads that covered her face, covering her eyes and hanging from her hair and chin.  I wiped my cum from her face and pushed it into her mouth and forced her to swallow it.  This started her crying again and begging me to stop.  She was crying for her mommy and she said she was going to tell me.  I then asked her if I needed to spank her again.  She then started crying no, no, no and said she was sorry and promised she would never tell, she just didn’t want me to spank her again.
I told her if she didn’t want to be spanked that she would have to spread her legs wide apart so I  could get to her pussy.  She stopped crying and quickly spread her legs wide apart.  I know she thought I was going to start licking her little pussy again, and that would have been fun. She had the cutest little pussy smooth bald with swollen pussy lips, but I had something else in mind.

I positioned myself between her thighs and spread her tight little pussy lips apart with one hand while I placed the tip of my cock at the opening of her pussy.  As I started to push my cock into her, she got a scared look on her face as she groaned in pain saying, “Stop that hurts, what are you doing?”  I told her that I was about to fuck her. She screamed NO and tried to pull away from me.  I grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her back down to me with her legs on either side of me.

She kept saying “please no don’t, that’s how boys get girls pregnant. Please don’t. I don’t want  to have a baby. I’m only 10. Please don’t do this.”  I found out that she hasn’t started having periods yet, so I knew the chance was low that this would be right when she starts.  I found out her mom didn’t tell her everything yet, so I just told her that it was impossible until she started having periods.  I was so horny for this sweet little treat that I honestly didn’t care if she got pregnant or not.  I wasn’t thinking straight, I just had to have her and have her now.

I thrusted my cock into her tight little pussy, or at least I tried.  It took several attempts before I could get it in. She was screaming in pain as I was forcing myself into her sweet little hot wet pussy. She kept begging me not to do this because it was hurting.  There was no way I could stop at this point.  I was so half crazed needing to have her.  I just kept thrusting into her harder and faster. I broke through her little hymen and that just made me drive my cock harder and faster into her.

She was crying so hard at this point that I had no idea what she was saying.  Once I felt myself get to her cervix I just rested for a couple of minutes.  She started to calm down a little during that time.  I then gave another good hard thrust into her cervix and she gave out another scream.  After a few more thrust I paused for a few more minutes.  She calmed down again and was asking me to please stop and let her go home.  I didn’t say anything, I just started stroking my cock in and out of her slow and smooth.  She didn’t scream anymore, she started moaning in pleasure now. I started going faster and she started to move her pelvis to match my thrust.  I was wanting to just blow my load so much, but I didn’t want to stop fucking her.  She was so fantastic, I never enjoyed sex this much before.  I just wanted it to last.

She began to breathe hard and she kept breathing deeper and harder more and more.  She then started to tense up and tremble, her arms and legs wrapped around me and held me tight as she squealed out some high pitched notes.  The thought of her having an orgasm was more than I could handle. I just plowed as deep as I could and held it in place as I erupted load after load of cum into her.  Once I was done I rolled off of her and she looked so beautiful to me. She was laying there in my bed naked glistening and completely satisfied with my cum streaked with blood leaking out of her little pussy.  She looked so embarrassed that she had a hard time looking at me. she kept her eyes down.  She scooted out of bed, grabbed her bikini and ran out the backyard to her home.

As I went to the kitchen to get some juice feeling the best I have ever felt in my life I started thinking.  That I would be getting arrested any time this evening.  I couldn’t believe what I just did, but I loved it so much.  I waited and waited all night. I couldn’t sleep but there was no Police.  I thought maybe tomorrow they would come.  But They never came. She didn’t tell anyone.  In fact the next weekend when I walked to my backyard I saw Grace standing at my back door still looking at the ground.  I opened the door to ask her why she was here, but before I could say anything she just put her arms around me and hugged me.  Then she asked while hugging me, “Am I your girlfriend?”

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