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I had to be careful. This woman was the mother of one of my friends. I snuck in and raped her in her own bed.

Fran was 43, mother of one of my friends. I’d been at their house a lot, even spent the night several times when younger. Fran was still a very hot woman, widowed for 2 years now, her only child at college. She was brunette, nice body, very shapely, b cup tits, I’d seen her at their pool several times. She was really an attractive woman. I went over to help her with a cabinet, and fixed it for her. She asked if I wanted to go swimming to cool off. I said OK, and she brought me out a pair of her sons swimming trunks. In her sons room I changed, then opened the door to leave and looking into her room I saw her naked, picking out which bikini to wear. I watched till she was covered up. She had a balk pussy, totally smooth, perfect ass with legs that went on forever. Her tits were jiggly of course for a woman and mother of 43, but sagging was minimal. I made up my mind then, I was going to fuck her. She didn’t respond to any of my flirting, but I didn’t mind, I knew I had another way of fucking her hot body. I made up my mind that she was going to be my 6th rape victim.

I took a week with proper precautions. I’d been over to her house a few times that week. My finger prints were all over. I took the time to unlock a window on the first floor the floor where her bedroom was located. I helped her a lot on anything she needed. I even made sure that she saw a bit of my public hair as the water pushed down my suit getting out of the pool once or twice. That was all part of the plan. I had trimmed my pubic hair to about a half inch long. Then took pains to apply a rubber type of flesh colored cover that movies used to create a bald head. I wore surgical gloves, wore booties over my shoes, and of course a mask. I painted some very removable tats on my arms and chest. Then I was ready, ready to experience the most beautiful fuck I ever had.

I waited till 1am on a night that was clouded over with no moonlight. No one could see me. Dressed in black, I’d actually put some harder padding in my arms and shoulders, even on my chest to make it look through the shirt like I was bigger and had big pecs. I opened the window, got in, and silently went to her room. Fran was totally nude, sleeping with the sheet pulled to the side. I put my knife to her neck and she woke up, and started to scream and I pushed the knife further. She stopped.
“What do you want?” she said shakily
“poossie” I said in a much deeper voice and with an accent that was totally fake.
“I have money, I’ll give you all the money I have”
“Nyet, Poossie”
“No please, you don’t have to do this, please don’t, anything but that, I’m a widow”
With that I reached down between her legs and started playing with her pussy, She started crying and sobbing, begging me to please go away she’d give me anything to go away. I had what I wanted and soon would have it all. I got the lotion she kept on her nightstand and used that to lube up her resisting vagina. I pressed the knife to her throat and just shushed her. She stopped begging just crying while I stuck my cock into her pussy. I used a condom because I didn’t want any DNA left at the scene. My skin was totally covered and she could feel the bald shaved cock going into her bald waxed pussy. I came pumping into her. I took off the rubber and tied it up and into a plastic back into my pocket. Then with the bleach wipes, I wiped up her pussy inside and out, then my cock and “bald” pubic area.
“Please go now, just go, if you go now I won’t call the police, please”
I stayed, and within 10 minutes of my playing with her tits, which i wanted to suck on so much but didn’t want to leave anything behind. So I just toyed with them, pinched them and played with her pussy. Then I was ready. I put on another condom and she started begging me again not to do this, not to rape her. Please leave her alone, please don’t make her do it again. But this time I stood up next to the bed, lotion at the ready my condom and cock already soaked in the stuff. I roughly rolled her over and pressed on the small of her back to make her stay there. He eyes opened wide as she suddenly realized what I wanted. She started begging me and crying, sobbing loudly. I said nothing
She was crying and managed to get it out

“Do it in the other place please, not back there, I’ve never done it back there, please, please fuck me in my pussy, I’ll suck your cock if you want, I swallow, please just dooooooonn’t” she screamed

as I plunged my cock into her virgin asshole. I think it probably was virgin, she was in great pain, crying and groaning. I lasted probably 20 minutes pumping in and out of the most incredible ass I think I’d ever seen in person. After the first 10 minutes there was just a silent whimpering from her, she just laid there and took it till I finished. Then taking care of the condom, wiping her down, wiping me down. I took her mobile phone off the nightstand and broke it so she couldn’t call anyone. I silently left. I went to an old place her son and I used to play in the woods behind her house but over a mile away. I had it all set up, a change of clothes and a pit dug to burn all the clothes and evidence. I took off the bald pate off my pubes and clean everything up. Far away throughout the woods I scattered the ashes as i returned to my room at my parents house.

The next day I went over to finish putting a shelf in her garage for her. She was very quiet, keeping very much to herself. Not her normal self at all. I expected that actually, though it was the first time I saw a victim the next day to see the reaction and toll it had taken on them. She kept looking at the ground not at me. At the end, her pretending nothing was wrong, she asked if I wanted to go swimming. I agreed, and again made sure to have my suit pull down as as I got out of the water so she could see I had hair over my cock. I went up and sat next to her on her lounge chair asking what was wrong. She said it was nothing and I pushed. She didn’t want to talk about it. She pulled me to her and said she’d had a really bad night, nothing more. She was holding me to her and started to cry very quietly. I asked why and she again said it was nothing. She stood up and took my hand and we walked into the house. We went not to her bedroom, in fact her bed was stripped of all sheets, the mattress pulled off, all sheet, covers pillow cases on the floor. “Moving?” I asked. she said that she just wanted something totally new, she was going to move into the guest room and make that hers with new furniture and and make her old room the guest room.

I the guest room, she took off her bikini, pulled down my suit and laid on the bed. We kissed, and licked, and made love. She thanked me so much for doing that, for “giving her what she needed right at the time”. We made love several times over the month, then she moved to another city.

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