Three In A Bed Part 3: Consummation Sex Stories Cool – Y2-Stories

An eleven year-old girl, her mother and me: all naked in bed together. This is the climax of our story, where all the rules are broken big-time….

Having joyfully fucked her mother while her mother cuddled Annette, things were moving fast now: hotting up. The weather was still hot too, which helped. A couple of Saturdays on from our “family fuck” as Sophia had called it, she called Annette into our bedroom again.
“Darling, it’s a beautiful morning. Come into bed and give Mummy a cuddle. Come on.”
Annette duly obliged, walking into our room once again dressed in her pretty, thin cotton nightie. The sunlight illuminated it, showing the dark outline of her beautiful eleven year-old body beneath. To say that Sophia had sprung a trap for her might be a bit extreme: but what she had planned I soon realised was extreme in itself. This, of all mornings, I shall never forget. The “trap” was simple. She had moved to her side of the bed, leaving a space between us. Annette would therefore be in the middle this time, with her mother (naked) to her right and me (naked) to her left. Annette hesitated a second, but as Sophia patted the bed and soothed “Come on darling, in you get”, she overcame her hesitancy and climbed in between us.
“Now darling,” her mother continued, “Do take that nightie off. You know it’s best to let your skin be exposed to the air. We’re all naked for so much of the time, aren’t we? Don’t be shy just because we’re still in bed.”
Annette hesitated again, then without a word slowly placed her hands on the nightie and pulled it up over her head. Sophia, impatient for what was about to happen, helped her pull it off, took in her hand and flicked it across the room onto the floor, where it lay in a pool of sunlight. For Annette to put it back on, she’d have to walk naked, deliciously naked, across the room to get it. So there we were; the three of us naked in bed together. I felt her hip press momentarily against mine, then – to my disappointment – she flinched away slightly. Then seconds later – to my delight – she relaxed back into me and our bodies touched, and we lay pressed gently together. My hand found her bare thigh, which I stroked equally gently.
Sophie, now lying on her side, said to her,” Darling, when you were young, do you remember how happy you made Mummy by sucking on her breasts?” Annette nodded. “I’d love you to make me happy again by sucking my breasts once more.”
“But that’s what babies do!” Annette replied with a nervous laugh.
“Oh, not just babies. People of all ages do, don’t they Daddy?” (By now I was known and accepted by that term, which suited me).
“Oh yes,” I croaked. “Women love having their breasts sucked. It does make them very happy…indeed,” I added, staring intently at Sophia who started equally intently back at me.
“I’d love to feel your mouth on my breasts again,” she continued. “It would make me so blissfully happy, and you too, I know.” (“Fuck, and me too,” I said to myself.) “Come on, darling, put your mouth to my breast and suck me like you did when you were a baby.”

With that, Sophia sat up, and without warning pulled the duvet completely away from the bed and threw it to the floor, exposing us all in our nakedness: her expectant swollen nipples, my shamelessly erect cock, which I covered with my hand, and Annette’s small breasts and hair-lined cunt. God, that moment felt so good in itself. I watched mesmerised as Annette slowly lifted herself and faced her mother, and then slowly, oh so slowly closed her perfect little mouth over her mother’s left breast. And started sucking. Sophia closed her eyes in bliss. Annette then did the same. I kept my eyes fully open in total bliss. An eleven year-old sucking the still gorgeous breasts of her mother. Fuck.
Then, without opening her eyes, Sophia’s hands moved over Annette’s little breasts, and started running her fingers, gently and slowly, over her nipples. Fuck: this was planned. Fuck, she was turning her on. Annette seemed to know what was happening, as she moved her body slightly to accommodate her mother’s hands. I watched, thrilled, as her right hand slipped slowly down over her daughter’s stomach to her cunt, where she rotated a finger gently over her clitoris.
“What are you doing mummy?” Annette asked as she broke away from the saliva covered swollen nipple she had been gently sucking.
“Darling,” I’m teaching you pleasure. The pleasure I was taught at your age and that makes me so happy every day now. My sweet beautiful baby, just relax and let sex fill you with the joy that I feel. Sex is so good, so healthy; I don’t want you to miss a day of the pleasure it offers.” She paused, then said, “Lie down, close your eyes and relax.”
Annette hesitantly did so. But after a few seconds lying there, having looked at her mother, then at me (and in particular at my massively erect cock), she duly shut her eyes. Sophia looked at me, her eyes blazing with excitement. She was aroused to maximum, I could tell.
“Darling,” she said to Annette, “I’m going to lick your body. Just enjoy the feel of our tongues on your skin.” And with that, she started to lick Annette’s right thigh, then upwards, round her pubic mound and up over her stomach. Then up to her little breasts, which though now nearly flat against her chest still invitingly projected the raised area of her aureolas and nipples. Sophia kissed them passionately, audibly saying “My beautiful baby, I adore every inch of you. You are perfect.”
And then she moved up again, and now kissed Annette’s mouth. “Open your mouth for mummy, darling,” she whispered. And as Annette did so, her mother plunged her tongue into her daughter’s mouth, and French-kissed her; her hands now on either side of Annette’s face.
Now I joined in. As her mother passionately kissed her mouth, I licked her inner left thigh, and then trailed my tongue up to her cunt. It smelled musky, warm and inviting: the smell of an aroused young girl. I licked her cunt hair, which to my surprise was beautifully soft, unlike the stiffer, wiry hair of her mother. (I love licking cunt hair. It sends me into ultra-arousal.) And then gently, slowly, I ran my tongue over her pink, soft labia, pushing gently to open the lips. To my delight they were sticky, silvered and wet. Being simultaneously kissed passionately and deeply by her mother and having her cunt licked by the man she now called “Daddy” clearly had her fully turned on, and was now experiencing the delights her mother had promised her. Both Sophia’s and my hands now ran freely all over her naked body, which Annette seemed to respond to even more now.
Sophia detached herself from her daughter’s saliva-strewn mouth and said simply, “And now Daddy is going to give you the best experience of all. You’re ready for it, I can see. Daddy’s going to fuck you.”
That was my cue. I moved between her legs and pushed them apart. She gazed down her body at my rigid cock positioned just over her cunt. Timidly she asked, “Will this hurt?”
“No darling,” Sophia replied. Remember how we broke your hymen when your periods started a couple of months back? Now you’re open and ready to receive daddy’s cock. I can see how wet you are, you gorgeous girl!”
And with that, I pressed gently against her wet cunt lips, pushed slowly and gently, and her beautiful little pink cunt opened just enough to take the head of my cock. This was so different to Sophia, whose cunt was big and soaking and could take a fist no problem (as I had discovered, to my delight). I pressed further, and suddenly her lips parted properly and I sank deep into her little body. Sophia gasped in delight, Annette gasped at the pleasure of the feeling, and I muttered “Baby, this is what it feels like to be fucked. And you feel just perfect.” Her tight cunt stayed firm against my cock, so I had to move very gently to and fro, lifting my cock half out before pressing deep into her again.
I then became aware of Sophia’s hand moving in on us. She formed a circle with her thumb and forefinger, which she placed round my cock and against Annette’s open cunt lips. As I moved in and out, I could now feel both Annette’s cunt and Sophia’s “finger and thumb cunt” as she later described it. And that’s how it felt: as if I were fucking mother and daughter at the same time. This completely overwhelmed me, and suddenly I came: almost violently deep inside the little girl’s body.

“Yes yes yes!” Sophia almost shouted in excitement, as she witnessed her beloved daughter receive her first cunt-full of hot cum. Annette gasped and shouted, “Mummy, I think I’m coming now!”
“Yes darling! Yes! Give yourself to it! Let sex fill you with joy!” her mother exclaimed.
And so she did. With my cock still rock –hard deep inside her, Annette gasped again, arched her back and physically pushed me upwards. I couldn’t believe that the orgasm of an eleven year-old girl could actually lift an eighty kilo man lying on her stomach, but that she did.
Sophia, now crazed and having lost all self- control, climbed onto her daughter so that her ass was close to Annette’s face. “Baby, lick me like daddy licked you! Lick mummy’s wet cunt! I need your tongue in my cunt!” As her daughter duly obliged, she shrieked in delight, leaned back and rubbed her hands over her big breasts. My cock hardened to full erection again, still deep in and stretching Annette’s cunt. And so, with Sophia’s cunt grinding over the face of her daughter, and with my cock soaked in both my and Annette’s cum deep inside her young cunt, and my balls slapping noisily against her sweaty skin as I fucked her all over again, Sophia’s mouth found mine and we kissed and licked each other’s faces and kissed again and again and again…….

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