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Later that day after I showered my dad smiled and sai he wanted me in his bed room that nite , I smiled and kissed him and agreed,that evening I went to my bedroom and undressed for him and I went to his bedroom naked,he was waiting for me naked also I walked up to him and we kissed then I got on my knees and started sucking his huge cock it felt great in my mouth soon he was very hard and I smiled up at him and I laid back on his bed and spread ,he ate my pussy til I cum for him and he smiled as he laid back and had get on top as I did he raised his dick up and then I slowly lowered myself down on it,it hurt a little still but I was getting used to his sizeand soon I had him all inside o me and then he put his hand on my hips as I rode him,I loved it the feel of him inside of me as I rode him soon I could feel his dick swell and I lowered myself dow on him as he cum inside of me.A he did I laid down on top og him and we kissed.We laid there and soon he smiled and told me he wanted to share me with a couple of his friends and I told him I was ok with it as we kissed.We fucked some more that nite and slept.The next morning I showered and put on a tshirt and met dad in the kitchen ,he smiled as he told me that a couple of his friends would be over that afternoon and I said ok .His friends came over and were in the living room when my dadcame for me he smiled as he had get naked and he led me into the living room with them they smiled as they looked me overand they started caressing me and fingering my ass and pussy, soon they got naked and I was sucking there cocks they were hung nice and then one of them had me get on top of him and the other got behind me I felt him slide his lubed finger into asshole and then he slid his dick in my ass aslowly I felt him go deep and soon they were riding me I moaned in pleasure as they fucked me together and they both cum inside of me it felt great and then we seperated and I laid down we rested for a bit and then they took turns fucking me hard,I loved it I wanted to be fucked and I was going to let my dad and any body who wanted to fuck me

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